Bali Bali Beach Resort

Written by Ria Jose

Bali Bali Resort in the Island Garden City of Samal

Bali Bali Resort in the Island Garden City of Samal

Tranquility… Serenity… Privacy… These words are written on the brochure of Bali Bali Beach Resort. And that was what exactly what my relatives and I experienced when we spent a weekend there. Bali Bali Beach Resort is a quaint beach resort located in Samal Island a few minutes away from Davao City.

What sets Bali Bali apart from the other beach resorts I’ve been too is the amount of relaxation I was able to enjoy. The resort has less than 10 cottages, each with a very homey ambiance. The mood in the resort is very subdued. The resort serves home-cooked meals that adds to the experience of feeling at home while enjoying the luxuries of a resort.

Words aren’t enough to describe one of the best weekends I’ve had, so let these pictures show you how it was…

Entrance of the Bali Bali Resort in the Island Garden City of Samal

Entrance of the Bali Bali Resort in the Island Garden City of Samal

Bali Bali Resort in the Island Garden City of Samal

Bali Bali Resort in the Island Garden City of Samal

Bali Bali Resort in the Island Garden City of Samal

Bali Bali Resort in the Island Garden City of Samal

Beach Front of Bali Bali Resort

Beach Front of Bali Bali Resort

Cottage Room of the Bali Bali Resort in the Island Garden City of Samal

Cottage Room of the Bali Bali Resort in the Island Garden City of Samal

Reception and Rest Area of the Bali Bali Resort in the Island Garden City of Samal

Reception and Rest Area of the Bali Bali Resort in the Island Garden City of Samal

Evening Dining under the Stars at Bali Bali Resort in the Island Garden City of Samal

Evening Dining under the Stars at Bali Bali Resort in the Island Garden City of Samal

Bali Bali Beach Resort has a booking office at Belisario Drive, Belisario Heights, Lanang, Davao City. You may also contact them at +6382-2346415, or through . Add them on FB at this link.

Updated: April 9, 2013

This post was written by Ria Jose

32 thoughts on “Bali Bali Beach Resort

  1. ferdie cientos

    What is the exact location of the said resort. Please share to us the facilities, amenities, room sizes, prices, packages (if there is any), how to go there from the city and things to do around the resort. We will appreciate your prompt reply to this query, Many thanks!

  2. Maria

    Bringing of snacks such as chichirya, small cakes, etc is allowed, I think. You can have massages or rent the entire place for a party if you want. They also have a videoke for the guests.

  3. alyn

    wow, very nice place…didnt know that this resort exist in davao..anyway, hope you could expound more on how to get there, and their services..thanks a ot.

  4. Paul Garcia

    Hi everyone, my name is Paul. Our family owns the place. We are actually coming up with our own web site pretty soon. In there you will find everything. For now, you can get in touch with the resort at for any of your inquiries. To the guest who posted this nice article and all the pictures here, please contact us. We would like to thank you personally.

  5. winnie

    i tried to call the number that was given, but hindi daw yun sa can i contact the resort?saan ang office nila?thanks

  6. jacky calendro

    ,hellow…i’m a student from PWC…we are having our research about your resort….we are asking for help to lease answer our question….its about the background of the resort….

  7. jacquiline calendro

    ,hellow po…..student poh ako from PWC….we are having a research about dis resort….we would lyk to know kng saan po kinuha ang concept ng resort….pwd po ba masagot nyo po pati po kng sino ang may ari para po kasi eto sa thesis namin…thanks….reply po sana kayo asap!

  8. kylie

    hi, just want to ask where exactly in davao is this bali bali resort? and may i ask a question not related to the bali bali? do u know where the canibad island is?

  9. marlene

    Bali-bali is in Limao, Igacos near Punta del Sol. Their booking office is in Damosa near Felicity Spa tel # 2346415 i just called up to inquire this morning but the girl who answered me said that I have to book & pay 3 days in advance. P1,000 for day tour with lunch & P5,500-P6500 for overnight stay for two with full days meal. Not bad huh!!

    Canibad is in Aundano, Igacos. You can ride a bus near Sta Ana wharf going to Penaplata then hire a habal-habal for P150.00 (for 2)one way or a jeep kung marami kayo for P1000-P1500 depende sa negotiations nyo (two way).

  10. rene bautista


    I just want to ask the rates and prices and how to get there if ever we are in davao airport. we are couple and we are planning to stay for a few days . we just want to know aproximte daily cost . thank you

  11. Mercedes Barner

    what a beautiful place,i never thought it existed.we often stayed at pearl farm but never heard a place called balibali resort,i think it needs a heavy advertisement.we’re coming to davao again this july and please Mr.Paul Garcia,will you send me rates and how to get there,i don’t want to ride that habal-habal,someone mentioned that word,it sounds scary form of your resort provide a transportation.
    let me know,

  12. Maria

    I rented the whole resort for 26K plus food 1,000 per person (25 persons in our party). The resort is great, food and service EXCEPT for the BEACH. The beach is small, rocky and dirty (dead leaves from the trees/coconut trees and other sea plants)BEWARE of sea urchins LOTS of them. our bodyguards,my brother and my BF jump into the sea urchins and boy the outing became a disaster.

    Bottom line – you can only enjoy the swimming pool and cottages NOT THE BEACH.

  13. jettabamo

    My friend recommend this resort for destination wedding. I love to hear proposal from the resort manager himself. We are expecting 65-80 heads on the wedding day. I try contacting them through their website and still waiting for them to reply. The plan wedding will be held next year probably March.

    Godbless Bali Bali..


  14. Dave

    My sister had her 18th birthday celebrated here. We rented out the whole place, though, I don’t know how much it was. The place is amazing and very tranquil. The small villas are neat, comfortable, and well-designed. I like the bathrooms, too, it was like taking a shower in the open which was kind of liberating, in a way =). The beach is not as great as you would think it is. We did not consider swimming in the sea ‘coz it was merely impossible. You will find yourself with a lot of cuts and a lot of pain if you do swim. Other that, Bali Bali is worth your money and I totally recommend it.

  15. ellene

    hello guys, I’ve been there at balibali beach resort so nice I love the place,, and u know guys staff treated me like princess.. hmmmmmmm.. thank you so much… Imagine ha, ligo ka lng ng ligo, tulog, games, videoke, and wow ha they serve meals and snacks on time, and u know sobrang sarap pa as in… Bata babalik ako ulit sa bali bali.. thank you bali bali more power…


  16. JB

    Well The place is beautiful and the pool is great and as mentioned before they beach cannot be used for swimming.

    We rented the place our for a wedding and booked every option they offered (even the ones we probably were not going to use) On our way in to the resort we talked to some of the personnel and they mentioned that we had to be very careful with the owner and management because they had a reputation of taking advantage of the situation and ripe you off. We didn’t believe them at the time but we learned our lesson.

    – They came up with strange charges although we had booked all inclusive
    – They would calculated things in their advantage when it worked for them but when it was in outs it was the the agreed price.
    – When they couldn’t offer what was agreed upon they didn’t offer alternatives and just let it go even when you paid for it.
    – They booked day visits while we had it exclusive and were not even apologetic about it.
    – But the worse was that the cut the food budget in half and didn’t serve all the food. We paid for 25% more people then were there but we had empty trays. According to the personnel they we told not to serve more. We also told that owner on other wedding would keep half of the food behind and then when there was no food left would sell their own food.

    There were more issues and I have to say the owner cannot be trusted.

    I was very disappointed since we had paid a premium just to avoid all these issues and they were petty and greedy I was very disappointed in them.

    All in all I like the location and it is beautiful but If I had known all these issues I would not have done it and gone to another resort.

  17. Jovelyn

    JB I am sorry to hear that, good thing I read this tread because my fiance suggesting this place, now this is 100% out of topic. To think you want your weddng private but how can you do that if the owner is greedy they are accepting day tour despite your booking. And the food you pay for extra 25% was not serve????? HOW RUDE I hate people like that. JB dont worry Karma is hitting them one way or another.

    This review help a lot.

  18. JB

    Hi Jovelyn,

    I am glad my comments saved you misery. If it helps there is a new resort called Leticia by the Sea we had our pre nuptial shoot there last march before it opened and it is very pretty. The owner is the same as the Leticia hotel in Davao. Now we did our shoot there and didn’t have our wedding so I don’t know about the rest. They have a nicer beach but no pool and they are a bit further away. They have a website and facebook page (they ended up using some of our pictures in their brochure and TV spot after permission of course)

    Hope this helps


  19. Newbie

    Spent a night with my husband in Bali Bali. We were the only guests which was very nice so I thought it would be a lovely experience. The room was fine, food okay. What was disappointing was the service – indifferent! Seems like the staff have the run of the place that we felt like intruders instead of welcome guests. They make lots of noise talking to each other or on cellphone, like we were invisible while we were trying to have a tranquil breakfast. Blaring TV at dining area while we were dining but they turned it off when we asked them to. While reading by the pool, it also got so noisy with the maintenance guys loud chatting,etc. so we escaped to the beach area. Much better but water has not been cleaned. Lots of plastic refuse, etc. It could still be a nice place but needs better management, one that cares for the guests. Seems like no one was in charge. One young staffer was okay and she took care of our needs and meals, together with a young guy. She said she’s new to the resort. Our experience was not worth P9,000 for one night stay.

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