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By now, you’ve probably heard that one of the unintended highlights of the Davao FAT was the uber sweet marriage proposal of Kuya Jay to Ate Aileen. It all happened amidst the excitement and anxiety of riding Asia’s longest, highest, and fastest zipline… the Xcelerator at Outland Adventure.

Kuya Andrew, the Xcelerator’s unofficial promoter, picked us up early that Saturday morning. Fritz, Jeff, Chattee, and I were all first timers. We were all excited as we waited for the other Manila, CDO, and Gen San bloggers all ready to jump into the zipline adventure. It wasn’t my first attempt, but it was my first ride on the Xcelerator.

Hana Belo Zips Upside Down

Hana Belo Zips Upside Down

It was a truly exhilirating experience for me, as it was for everyone who were there that day. It was so much fun, in fact, that some of the bloggers decided to return the very next day. And we did return. This time, more of the bloggers came with us. And it was a joy watching them go for their second and third rides. Yes, some of them rode it twice in one day. Some of them dared each other to do the more daring pose and positions while ziplining. Fritz did the Astroboy TWICE, while Hana and Maki showed off they guys by doing it upside down. Jeff attempted to also do it upside down. Attempted. LOL! Next time, they say, their gonna bring and wear costumes. Nice!

Meanwhile, Kuya Jay and Ate Aileen, being the second couple to be engaged there, got free shirts.

It was a truly memorable experience, on so many ways and levels. It was were a couple got engaged, I conquered my fears, and many others showed off their adventurous side. 🙂

So the next time you are in the city, do not fail to have the ride of your life, and create your own memories at the Xcelerator of the Outland Adventure.

Outland Adventure is located along the Diversion Road, Maa across from The GAP Farm. Their office is at the 2nd Floor Palacay Bldg., Circumferential Road, Marfori Heights, Davao City. You may also reach them at +6382-224-5855, +6382-271-6067 or through

Images courtesy of Lyle Santos.

This post was written by Ria Jose

2 thoughts on “Bloggers on the Xcelerator

  1. hana

    wii ria! 🙂 thanks for posting a picture of me on my first zipline attempt…kasama ang dslr na hindi pwedeng mahulog. :p

    Hay, nakakamiss tuloy ang Davao. Almost a month ago na pala ang DFAT. We have to go back again! 😀

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