Bread Making Classes at the Center of Asian Culinary Studies

Written by Ria Jose


I have always wondered why the Center for Asian Culinary Studies here in Davao City is located in the Holiday Spa complex. Now I know, baking is a form of work out. It is damn hard work, and I know because for two days, the MDC Team attended the Basic Bread Baking Workshop of the Chef Jun Jun de Guzman.


The workshop, worth PhP2,500 is described as


Always wanted to make you own bread at home? Learn how to make it with Chef Jun Jun de Guzman and enjoy two days of making the following breads; French Rolls, Potato Bread, Walnut Bread, Cuban Bread, Dinner Rolls, and a lot more. Limited to 15 students only. Full participation.


That description, let me tell you is an understatement. Chef Jun-jun not only required our full attention, but required each of us to bake at least two kinds of breads for each day. For first time bakers like us, it was a very daunting task. On the first day, I had to bake Foccacia Bread and French Rolls, while Andrew baked Ciabatta and French Rolls. On the second day, we had a more interesting list of breads to choose from. Kuya picked the most popular breads which was Blueberry Loaf and Whole Wheat Pan de Sal. I chose Walnut Loaf and Cuban Bread.


All of the breads we baked not only tasted great, they looked wonderful as well. After our breads have properly cooled, we sampled each kind. The sampling was made even better with the delicious dips that Chef Jun-jun made, and the recipes of which he also generously shared with us. We enjoyed his Mediterranean Dip on the first day, and his Boursin Dip on the second day. YUMMY!


Despite the unintended work-out my arm muscles got from all the kneading, it was an experience worth much more than the PhP2,500 we paid for. The lessons, methods, techniques and guidelines that Chef Jun-jun and his assistants taught were priceless. And of course we got to actually bake, sample, and take home very delicious breads made from the finest ingredients.


For more information about CACS Davao and the classes and workshops they offer, visit their website, email them at or call 300-2227 or at 300-2992. CACS Davao is located in the Holiday Gym and Spa Complex along F. Torres Street, in Davao City.

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This post was written by Ria Jose

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