Brothers Burger in Davao

Written by Ria Jose

Brothers Burger with Cheese

Brothers Burger with Cheese

We’ve been obsessing about good burgers. And we have been very excited about the news that the Brothers Burger is opening a branch in Davao City. We were there during it’s first week, and we weren’t disappointed.

Although a bit pricery, I think we got good value for our money. The place is often crowded so getting your order might take some time, but once you take a bite of it, you will definitely not regret it. The Brothers Burger is priced at P105. In exchange, you get a thick piece of grilled 100% beef patty in with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup and mustard in between soft and yummy buns. You can add cheese to the burger by paying an extra P20.

Brothers Burger with Blue Cheese

Brothers Burger with Blue Cheese

But the real reason why people go to Brothers Burger is not just because of their burger. But because of their add ons. I, for one, didn’t go there just to eat burger with cheese. I went there to eat Brothers Burger with Blue Cheese. Which I got for P105 + P30. And I absolutely loved it. Next time, I’m trying the burger with some garlic parmesan and bacon.

And yes, the specialty burgers. Must try their Wagyu Burger soon. RAWRRR!

Brothers Burger is located at Damosa IT Park, Davao City.

This post was written by Ria Jose

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  1. Kyle

    I tried Brothers Burger a few years ago in Cebu’s Banilad Town Square. Looking at the price, I was like WTF?! But when I tried it, every peso spent is worth it. They serve HUGE DELISH BURGERS!

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