Cafe Andessa

Written by Ria Jose


If it’s good home-cooked comfort food that you want, then you must definitely drop by Cafe Andessa. Their food is served amidst a country house ambiance which reminds me of Baguio, Tagaytay, or even nearby Marilog.


Their Chicken Andessa (PhP 100) is chicken flavored perfectly and grilled right. Meanwhile, the Chicken Adobo’ng Bicol (PhP 75) is greasless chicken adobo. I think they cook the adobo with soy sauce vinegar, and spices. Then, they deep fry it which makes the chicken skin crunchy. It’s not oily though. I wonder how they did that? Their Laing (PhP75) has a slight spiciness to it. You can taste the coconut milk (gata) and the gabi more, rather than the chilli.


The real main attractions in Cafe Andessa, IMHO are their wonderful Pinoy desserts. Kuya Andrew’s favorite is the Binutong (PhP 40) which is glutinous rice (almost like suman but more liquid) served with rich tsokolate. My favorite is the Turon Tikoy (PhP 50) which is peanut, ube or langka tikoy wrapped in lumpia wrapper then deep-fried. The layers of crunchy wrapper, soft tikoy, and grainy peanut filling are YUMMMY! Their Bilo-bilo (PhP 35) is glutinous rice balls with sago and coconut milk) is like a simpler version of Ginatan (or Binignit as we Davao people like to call it. Banana lovers must try Choco-Banana Fritters which are Banana Turon drizzled with Chocolate Syrup.


So for that great homey food experience, head on over to Cafe Andessa along Cabantian Road in Buhangin, Davao City.

This post was written by Ria Jose

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