Casa Leticia’s Sagay Ilonggo Restaurant

Written by Ria Jose


You are looking at the picture of the best sisig in Davao City. It is served by the Sagay Ilonggo Restaurant of Casa Leticia. Sagay serves authentic and delicious Ilonggo dishes. I know Sisig didn’t originate from Iloilo, but believe me when I say this Ilonggo restaurant serves the best sisig in the city. Well, don’t just believe me, try it! Another must-try Sagay specialty is their Crispy Tadyang. It really is crispy and very flavorful.


When the Usual Suspects met up with the Google Country Consultant a few days ago, I also tried out their Batchoy. And it was good! The broth was sweet and salty, with the right amount of noodles, liver, and meat. And it was a very generous serving for only PhP95!


Sagay doesn’t just serve Ilonggo specialties. They Kuya Andrew tried out their Teriyaki Burger which Blogie also had. And they tell me it was good.

For sure, we will be going back to Sagay for more of their sisig, to try out their other menu offerings, and of course to use their free WiFi service.

This post was written by Ria Jose

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