Casting Call for a Visayan Indie Film

Written by Ria Jose

A service announcement from Yam’s Multiply:

We are in need of Visayan actors for an indie film entitled “The ‘Thank You’ Girls’ scheduled to be shot in Davao City on March 2008. Audition will be on FEB. 22, 2008 in DAVAO CITY (specific venue to be announced later) so if you know people who will be interested in the area, kindly tell them.

“The ‘Thank You’ Girls” is a roadtrip comedy about five dysfunctional gay beauty pageant veterans who always lose in gay beauty pageants. They then decide to travel from Davao to Cagayan de Oro City thinking they have better chances of winning in the provinces.


Also, if you are an unsigned alternative rock band who has recorded music, we are in need of songs for the film’s soundtrack.

Contact YAM at 0920-642-8684

The roles:

    Male, 40 – 45 years old
    Gay, has an expressionless face, the manager and financier of the group and biological father of Chris
    Male, 18-22 years old
    Straight acting gay, goodlooking, vain, son of Mommy Paola
    Male, 24-25 years old
    Gay, has an obnoxious, contagious laugh
    Body borders to being almost chubby, not goodlooking but has high self-confidence
    Transvestite, 25-28 years old (he is 33 years old in the film but should look younger than his age), with boobs
    Male, 24-27 years old
    Gay, very normal, ordinary looking, struggling musician
    Male, 45-50 years old
    Mommy Paola’s “demented” lover

This post was written by Ria Jose

3 thoughts on “Casting Call for a Visayan Indie Film

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  2. nol

    this is interesting is the casting over? i’d love to play the role of Macario but i really don’t speak the dialect is it a pre-requisite.i’ve been in davao 2 yrs ago and lived there for atleast 4 mos.will there be an audition in Manila.

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