Cecil’s Davao

Written by Ria Jose

Pancit Lug-lug, PhP60

If it’s comfort food you want, then here’s one place you HAVE to try Cecil’s Davao. Cecil’s is primarily a bakery, but they also serve good lug lug, spaghetti, mami, lumpia, and dinuguan, among others.

Chicken Mami, PhP60

My personal favorites are their lug-lug and fried lumpia. It’s a combination that my cousins and I crave always and go to Cecil’s for. Sometimes I deviate and try out other things, such as their pancit molo, which is also good but their lug lug trumps all their other offerings.

Fried Lumpia, PhP17

Cecil’s might be a bit pricey compared to other local places that serve the same fare, but they never scrimp on ingredients, and the taste of their food is something that reminds me of old Davao.

Mocha Cake, PhP45

And oh, we always end our Cecil’s meals with their yummy Chiffon Mocha Cake. The chiffon cake has a good mocha flavor, and it’s airy, not dry. And the icing is just pure sweet heaven.

For a taste of comfort food, eat at Cecil’s. 😉

Cecil’s has kiosks at GMall, Victoria Plaza, Gaisano South, and the NCCC Mall of Davao. Their stand along branch is along F. Iñigo Street (downtown), Davao City.

This post was written by Ria Jose

3 thoughts on “Cecil’s Davao

  1. shirley

    While growing up especially when I was back in High School(circa mid-late 70s), my barkada would sometimes plan to go to Cecil’s to eat (gimik or food trip kung baga tawag these days). But then, being a mere student and only have baon of Php2.00 per day, I couldn’t afford to buy anything from their menu. So I said to myself, when I’m old enough and have money of my own, I’ll come back to this place and just chow down everything that’s in their menu. :))

    Fast Forward – Married and have my own money to spend – went back to Cecil’s in 2006 and boy I had a great time eating!

    I love their Pacit Luglug/Palabok, Chicken Mami, their Durian cake, and other pastries that they have in their counter shelves. Now that they have branches all over the places – they’re soaring high!

    I would still go back to their main and original place. It gives me a bit of nostalgia, and just reminiscing my youth how I wanted to eat there but couldn’t afford then…

    Soon I shall visit Cecil’s again. Wait lang kayo 😀 Malapit na…

  2. Jed

    when i was still in elementary, i always go to my mom’s office after school and request for a luglug and cheese roll in cecil’s since it’s near her office.

    cecil’s luglug and cheese roll is a part of my childhood.. kya everytime i’m near in anda st. i make sure that i drop by cecil’s. 🙂

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