Claude’s Le Cafe de Ville

Written by Ria Jose

A reader emailed me to ask for a recommendation. He was asking for a nice comfy restaurant here in Davao City where one could have a nice, private romantic dinner. Only one place came to mind: CLAUDE’S. Although there are a lot of good restaurants here in Davao City, Claude’s is the only one with a more private setting where one can dine in relative silence. The ambiance is perfect for intimate dinners.

But it’s not really the ambiance that people go to Claude’s for. It’s the sumptuous French food that they offer. They describe it as French Provencal and Mediterranean Cuisine.

Claude’s serves the best steaks in town. Their steaks are perfectly cooked to the diner’s specifications with a choice of pepper or mushroom sauce. It can also be served with either mashed potatoes, or the more popular choice, rice.

Other crowd-drawers are their appetizers, salads and soups. Some appetizers which deserve to be mentioned are their salmon pate and shrimp cocktail. The pate is served with lightly toasted sliced French bread while the cocktail is full of fresh shrimp smothered with light dressing and a helping of tomatoes and avocados. Their ceasar’s salad is also easily one of the best I’ve tasted in the city.

Claude’s is located at 29 Rizal Street, Paseo de Habana, Davao City. Their contact number is (6382) 222-4287.

This post was written by Ria Jose

18 thoughts on “Claude’s Le Cafe de Ville

  1. lois

    im a native of davao but i haven’t been home in years. this december, I plan to take my beau to visit. I’d like to take him to the touristy places. Can you please message me or write a review of must see places and top things to do in davao? claudes is already in our list. he really likes beaches and mountains. thanks in advance and I think it’s really great that there are blogs like your out there that promote our wonderful city. Godspeed!

  2. Ron

    I have had the pleasure of eating at Claude’s this past Oct/06. I have to say it was a wonderful experience. Claude is hands on with the presentation and his trained staff is excellent. I walked past the kitchen was its cleanliness-the kitchen was spotless and when not cooking the cooks were cleaning. Oh-the food was excellent-the rib eye in mushroom sauce gets my recommendation. You will not be disappointed. Ron

  3. Alan & Sonja

    Spent New Year’s Eve here after seeing the above review. As you walk in it’s like being transported to France. Great atmosphere and fantastic food. Would recommend!
    January 2007

  4. Alfonso

    I’m so sorry, but we had not the pleasure of a good meal at Claude’s.
    The dinner was absolutly below standard. Wrong orders,chewy steak, plenty sauce what made it all look more but not better. Terrible service, Trainees serving without any supervision.
    We discovered other places.

  5. John Ridley-Dash

    Miss You Claude and Le Cafe de Ville ………… Hope to see you all when I’m back in Davao next year

  6. ricard

    Claude’s, You must be joking. So is the owner. Upon reccomendation we have tried it. Sorry to say, but what a waist of good money. Service and kitchen absolutly below european standards(any).

  7. Kate Legaspi

    Try Cafe Mediterranean at Chimes Mall along Governor Sales St. Davao City. The interior and music bring out a Mediterranean feel. My personal favorites are Eggplant Parmigiana, Tunisian Fish, Lamb Stew and Baklava a la Mode for dessert.

  8. andrew

    besides claude’s where in davao can i possibly find a simple yet romantic place where we can have a fancy dinner and star-gaze at the same time? im planning to finally propose marriage to my girlfriend and i want it to be extra special. hope to hear suggestions soon. Godbless

  9. mark

    claudes cafe was the best restaurant in davao..the food was great in the ambeance of the place wasvery nice and peaceful…i really2x love the rib eye and salmon….

  10. Aweng

    It’s been a long time… And many restaurant/ resto-bars have already mushroomed in Davao since this post. Jack’s Ridge in Shrine, Matina offers some nice dining alongside great views of the city and beyond. You could also opt to dine at any of the restaurants of Davao’s top hotels. 🙂

  11. sunny

    If you expect THE SAME STANDARD a restaurant offers with the same and exact standard you’re accustomed to in the western world, you will be greatly disappointed. Thats why i stick to what the city offers best, THE LOCAL cuisine.

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