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Written by Ria Jose

Mocha Chip Avalanche

Mocha Chip Avalanche

There’s a new cafe in town, and thus far, it is one of the best concept coffee shops I have seen. From the cafe’s interiors, to it’s menu items, there is almost nothing to frown about at Coffee Cat.

Coffee Jelly Avalanche

Coffee Jelly Avalanche

During the cafe’s opening on May 8, 2009, I got to try out their Coffee Jelly Avalanche which did not disappoint. It had a very creamy texture with liberal amounts of coffee jelly. It was a bit sweeter than I would like but it was an enjoyable drink, nonetheless. It is a must-try for those who like their coffee a bit sweet. On my second visit (less than a week after), I tried their Mocha Chip Avalanche. It was a little less sweeter, a bit more bitter, but with the same creamy smooth texture peppered with mocha chips. It was a very refreshing drink that hot summer afternoon.

Green Tea Yogo Smoothie

Green Tea Yogo Smoothie

Meanwhile Kuya Andrew, who is a bit into the healthy stuff lately, was excited to try out Coffee Cat’s Green Tea Yogo Smoothie which is 98% fat-free. And he loved it. I tried a sip and it wasn’t bad at all. Kuya loved it sooo much that he goes there regularly just for that smoothie.

Conchorde Cake

Conchorde Cake

We also tried out their Conchorde Cake which is layers of chocolate goodness. It is so rich and yummy, but not too heavy. TRY IT! Other must-try pastries are their very cheesy Ensaymada, and the Chocolate Pinipig.

They also serve Espressos, hot coffee and teas, and Crema Sodas. All of these are at very reasonable prices, in different sizes. For a different coffee experience or a healthy glass of yoghurt smoothie, visit Coffee Cat along Torres Street, Davao City. It’s in the new building near Zakoya and Verdebarr.

The Coffee Cat doesn’t have Wifi yet, but I heard they’re getting wired soon.

This post was written by Ria Jose

10 thoughts on “Coffee Cat

  1. Lyle

    Nice review.

    Went there last week because I wanted to try their smoothies but left after I learned they didn’t have WiFi. I would have stayed but I really needed to finish something and I needed WiFI for it.

    By the way, are you aware of this?

  2. Ria Jose

    I am unaware of this “Bloggers Mafia.” I hope you don’t stereotype bloggers as we are all unique and have different personalities.

  3. andrew Post author

    @get_real: Perhaps you can say something more intelligible other than “hahahaha”?

    I like Coffee Cat. I don’t mind that they don’t have Wifi yet but they say they’re working on it. I love the yogurt shakes. I’ve tried all flavors and I think the Kiwi flavored one is the best. What they do need to address is their somewhat poorly trained baristas.

    Might I suggest Jose Rafael Fine Coffee near Insular Village. Save for the distance, I have no complaints about that place whatsoever. 😀

  4. rachel

    I just went there last night. Their wifi has been up since friday last week. Coffeecat is a new place and far from other coffee shops i’ve been to here in Davao. With regards to their customer service, i can see that they are doing all in their efforts to make everyone’s experience a good one. I’ve frequent the place and I haven’t experienced anything bad at all.

    Anyway, the link posted here bothers me too. The person behind it sounds like he holds a grudge. Of all places, a coffeeshop. And for what reason? For sitting properly? What?! Maybe that person needs to look at himself/herself first. If he thinks coffee is so expensive and he can’t sit “comfortably” then let go. Go somewhere else. Why dwell on it? geeez.

  5. andrew Post author

    @rachel: It was based on one of my experiences at Coffee Cat when they forgot my friend’s order. When I asked about their Wifi, the barista asked me if I was the one who’ll install it for them. I was like okaaaayy.. just give me my drink and I’ll be fine.

  6. rachel

    @andrew : people make mistakes, all other coffeeshops commit mistakes. i’ve experienced a lot of that too from other establishments dear andrew, just be objective with your comments. just get over it. it’s minor.

  7. andrew

    @rachel: I’m not about to enter a debate with you about my opinion regarding Coffee Cat. Their service leaves a lot to be desired, and I am saying that so they can improve on it, not to insult them. You’re correct about everyone making mistakes, but what is the point of sharing a review if we can’t point out what we don’t like? If you can’t handle that, that’s not my problem. Like you said — get over it.

  8. Jenny

    Coffee Cat is ok. I like their pastries and coffee shake. Maybe their service is not so good because their store is still new. Give them a chance.

    Rachel is super sensitive. Do you own Coffee Cat? Get over it girl! Tumahimik ka na lang dahil lalo ka pang nakasasama sa Coffee Cat!

  9. andrew Post author

    For now, I’m closing comments to this post. It’s gotten from bad to ridiculous.

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