Coffee @ Yellow Hauz

Written by Ria Jose


Looking for a new place to get your coffee fix? There’s a quaint new place in town called Coffee @ Yellow Hauz or simply Yellow Hauz. Yellow Hauz offers relatively cheap, but definitely good coffee concoctions and more.



Most of their hot coffee-based drinks (hot, iced and blended) cost from PhP 25 – 75. Their most expensive blended coffee named photoCOFFEE costs P110. PhotoCOFFEE comes with an invaluable experience of one’s photograph taken and posted in Yellow Hauz’s Wall of Fame. PhotoCOFFEE is actually a blend of coffee, white chocolate, and mandarin orange. Another crowd please is COFFEEfornication, a belnd of coffee, caramel, and almond roca. Their blended coffee drinks have just the right amount of bitterness and sweetness.

Snapple Smoothie

Among their non-coffee drinks, their most popular ones are their smoothies made of fruit puree. The Snapple Smoothie made of kiwi and strawberry is perfect for the younger crowd. While their Berry Good Smoothie is perfect for cooling down during these hot summer days (and nights). Both cost only PhP75 each. Yellow Hauz also serves ice cream-based milkshakes, hot and iced tea, hot and cold choco and even beer.

Berry Good Smoothie

And to satisfy the palate, one can take their pick from Yellow Hauz’s homemade sandwiches, pasta and pizza. Prices of which range from PhP 50 – 70. Their Yellow Hauz Specialty Pizza is one of the best homemade, deliciously cheezy pizza in the city. And of course, it wouldn’t be a coffee place without sumptuous desserts offerings.

Yellow Hauz Specialty Pizza

And to cap it all off, Yellow Hauz has free WiFi! YEY! The place also has an affordable Function Room that can fit about 30 people. It can be used for five hours for a minimum consumable fee of only PhP 1,500.

Desserts Overload

Yellow Hauz is located at V. Mapa St. near Mabini Street. It is owned by young accessories designer April Denise San Pedro and her sister Alessandra San Pedro. It is open Sunday to Thursday from 3 pm to 12 mn, and Friday to Saturday from 3 pm to 3 am.

Photography by Andrew dela Serna.

This post was written by Ria Jose

23 thoughts on “Coffee @ Yellow Hauz

  1. Blogie

    Ri, you are hands down the coffee connoisseur of Davao City. I had hoped that I would become the coffee reviews go-to guy hereabouts… But nope, it is definitely you! 😀

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  3. wakki

    the place looks nice, will check this out when am in town….anyway am a regular reader of mydavaocity, have one comment though on your icon – it looks like the roof of the esplanade in singapore….

    Thanks for this site, one of my sources when i need some updates from hometown…KEEP IT UP, thanks again.

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  5. Avy

    wow!! sarap! my ghulay, my mouth’s watering already..
    I’ll check that place out with my friends.. ^_^

    thanks for the visit btw. ^_^

  6. christine

    my vacation on feb or mar, wanna check this place! its new in town, definitely! sa 5yrs ko bang nawala sa pilipinas… hehehehehe so where is this located?

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  8. janus3185

    i love this place! lahi ra jud! pero bastis pa rin ako… hehe… But i love to hang out to all the coffee shops around the metro! hope I can see you one of these days… 🙂

  9. angel

    sana magpa park kayo during sunday worship?kasi kayo pina park kayo ng church front kung wlay worship service or activity sa church

  10. jeremiah

    i’m hapi to have something like yellow hauz in davao na pwedeng maipag malaki sa ibang lugar..keep it up..

  11. anne

    sorry to burst the bubble but this coffee shop needs to improve on its drinks. they can’t seem to make perfect ice blended drinks. sometimes it’s too much chunks of ice or it’s too watery. the taste is nothing to rave about. i’m not sure if their house coffee is good though. no offense to anybody, but for my taste, the place is a typical davao shop.

  12. tess

    parang same ang itsura ng drinks nila with tata benito’s katuwa naman. nakakatakot tikman. wehehehe 🙂

  13. april

    hi.i really like yellow hauz though i had been there for only a couple of times coz i like the food. they’re affordable for a student like me. and i appreciated it more when i got to know face-to-face one of the owners chef sandy san pedro. she’s petite and pretty and charming and cheerful and everything. hehe love her so much. we all really love her. thanks chef for being our mentor in the workshops though we are so “”pasaway”. hehe hope you enjoy with us. thanks again.

  14. hannah

    i hope the owners would check their product quality. i know good coffee when i taste one and theirs is just not what i expected it to be since this shop is recommended to be by a friend. i always go to blugre for my caffeine fix but i tried out yellow hauz’s offerings just to satisfy my curiosity. stepping inside the place i can already smell disappointment. the prices are cheap and so is their coffee. sad but true. blugre is still number one for me, nothing compares. durian gatchpuccino rocks! xoxo

  15. shyr

    Any means of transportation (aside by riding a taxi) from Quirino going to yellowhauz? thanks!

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