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Crepelato Davao

Capuchillo Crepe Float

There’s a new must go to place in Davao City: Crepelato. Crepelato serves crepes and homemade gelato made from the finest and fresh ingredients. Their gelato is smooth and sweet enough without any sugary sweetness. Definitely delicious!

Crepelato Davao

Chocoholic Gelato

Crepelato offers gelato in a variety of flavors. Crowd favorites Chocoholic, Cookies and Cream, Mango, and Strawberry flavors are of course available. They also serve Vanilla Healthy Chunk, Avocado Morinaga, Capuchillo, and Durian.

They serve their gelato in three ways: in home baked Belgian Waffle Cones, in a Crepe Float, or with pastries served a la mode. All yummy ways to enjoy good gelato.

Crepe and Float

Strawberry Crepe Float

My favorite? As a crepe float! Their crepe float is composed of layers of yummy sweet goodness. Imagine a crepe topped with the gelato of your choice and whipped cream, sprinkled with nuts and corn flakes and drizzled with syrup. The thought makes me want mooore. The float only costs P75. A STEAL!

Crepelato also offers some delicious homecooked savory dishes.

Their best-sellers are the Victorian Ribs and the Tinunuang Manok which is native chicken cooked with coconut milk. TASTY!

Aside from the sweet desserts and savory dishes, Crepelato serves a variety of coffee drinks and hot teas.

And they have free WiFi too. SWEET!

Crepelato is located at Door 1 Jocar Complex, Mayon Street, Davao City (front of the old Sampaguita Inn). You may call them at +6382-3007423. Their Facebook Page is at this link.

This post was written by Ria Jose

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