Davao Blog Awards 2014 Nominees

Written by Ria Jose

Davao Blog Awards

Davao Blog Awards

Every year, Davao Bloggers Society (DBS) names the best blogs by Davao Bloggers via the Davao Blog Awards. These awards are given during the Davao Bloggers Christmas Party held every December. This year, the Davao Blog Awards will be given on Sunday, December 7, 2014.

10 Awards will be handed this year. The Best Blog in each of 8 Niche Categories, plus the Blogger of the Year Award, and the Mad Badger Award.

The finalists for the Niche Categories are:

Best Beauty and Fashion Blog

Best Food Blog

Best Gateway Blog

Best Lifestyle Blog

Best Parenting Blog

Best Personal Blog

Best Technology Blog

Best Travel Blog

The Davao Blogger of the Year Award is given to the Blogger who had the biggest impact to the Davao Blogosphere in 2014. The finalists for Davao Blogger of the Year are:

The final award is the Mad Badger Award given to the Registered Member of Davao Bloggers Society who has participated in the most number of events of the Davao Bloggers Society.

Congratulations to all the nominees! Kudos for a productive 2014. We hope to see more and better blogs by Davao Bloggers in the coming years.

The Davao Bloggers Society Christmas Party 2014 and the Davao Blog Awards is co-presented by Smart Communications. The event is sponsored by My Skin Origins, JCo Donuts and Coffee, Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp., Snoe Beauty, Krispy Kreme, Microtel Davao, and AirAsia.

For updates regarding the Davao Blog Awards and Davao Bloggers Society, visit the DBS Site at http://www.davaobloggers.net or like their page at http://www.facebook.com/DavaoBloggersSociety. Also follow the social media accounts of Davao Bloggers Society on Twitter @davaobloggers and on Instagram @davaobloggers. You may also check the hashtags #DavaoBloggers and #DBStheBest for updates.

This post was written by Ria Jose

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