Davao Bloggers Love Davao City

Written by Ria Jose

There are many reasons, too many, why people love Davao City. Here are a few of those reasons given by Davao Bloggers:

Still not convinced? Visit our proud city of Davao and experience the food, the kindness and warmth of the people, the sights, the sounds, the cool breeze of the wind in the mountainside, and the waters of our beaches, and the many other wonders that Davao City has to offer. 😉

See you! 😀

Many thanks to all the bloggers who participated!!!

This post was written by Ria Jose

13 thoughts on “Davao Bloggers Love Davao City

  1. shirley

    Davao City – My hometown, my birthplace!

    Davao City – typhoon free, abundant fresh fruit and vegetables, friendly and nicest people, traffic free (well, in most major city streets)…

    Davao City – Great beaches, wonderful resorts around, food are abundant and way less cheaper than the other major Metro Cities in the county, especially if your in the Metro Manila cities…

    Davao City – where you find beautiful people! Apil nako didto sa mga beautiful! 😀

    Davao City – diversified city! Laid back and enjoy the City…

    Madayaw and Welcome to Davao City, Philippines…

  2. Miah

    Nyay! Naulaw koh! hahaha… hhmm… pwde igrab ria and irepost? on my blog? lolz… i’ll link u ha? =D

  3. toni18

    could have been a wonderful stay there had my camera was not stolen (there).

    it contained more than 700 pics of our davao experience.

    it was such a disappointment.

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