Davao Cyber Expo 2007: DoTA Championship Brackets

Written by Ria Jose

On July 4 – 6, 2007, all roads finally lead to the NCCC Mall Ground Floor where 16 teams representing 16 gaming cafes in Davao City battle each other in the first ever Davao Cyber Expo Cyber Games Finals. Earlier this evening (June 25, 2007), team leaders and representatives converged at Blinque Gaming Cafe in Matina. They were oriented on the changes of the schedule, the rules, and other matters pertinent to the tournament.

The teams, through random lottery, were also divided into two brackets. Each bracket consist of four groups of two teams. Bracket A teams will be playing on July 4, while Bracket B teams will be playing on July 5. Teams belonging to Bracket A are Sick and Anytime (Group 1), STQ2 and Bytes (2), TC and PGF (3), and 51ph and X2 (4). Meanwhile, the Bracket B teams are 50 ph and DDS (1), Blinque and DC Clan (2), NoMetz and Ria Jose (3), and STQ 1 and 3 (4).

On the third day, the Group 1 winners will play against the Group 2 winners, while the Group 3 winners will play against the Group 4 winners. The 2 remaining winners in each bracket will fight against each other. The finals set will be played by the 2 remaining teams, one from each bracket.

It’s definitely going to be a treat for all gaming fans to watch the 16 teams sweat it out against each other in what is definitely the biggest and most anticipated gaming event in Davao City this year. GLHF!!! See you at NCCC!

This post was written by Ria Jose

5 thoughts on “Davao Cyber Expo 2007: DoTA Championship Brackets

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  2. Avy

    I guess it was your team you were cheering for kanina. hehe 🙂
    I’m rooting for DDS. And your team too. 🙂

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