Davao Cyber Expo 2007: Sequel Sta. Ana DoTA Tournament Eliminations

Written by Ria Jose

Gamers were treated to a thrilling experience when two of the top local DoTA teams battled it out last Saturday, June 9, 2007, to be declared as the official representatives of Sequel Sta. Ana in the Davao Cyber Expo 2007 DoTA Tournament Finals. Sequel Sta. Ana’s homegrown STQ1 fiercely defended their right to be the official representative of Sequel against Team Basic.

During the elimination rounds, Teams STQ1 and STQ2 eliminated Teams -DraKez- and Frutas, respectively. Meanwhile, Team Basic defeated Team Chua Hua and Company Part 2. Team Juan Luna surprised everyone when they scored a victory over Team Jack n’ Jill. Juan Luna was the only team which had female players. During the semifinals, Juan Luna lost to STQ1, while STQ2 fought a long fight against Basic. Eventually, Basic prevailed over STQ2. In the elimination and semifinal rounds, the teams played one game against each other in an alternate all pick mode.

At around 5 pm, the final set in an alternate all pick mode was played between STQ1 and Basic. During the first game, STQ1 on the Scourge side, picked Queen of Pain (stq.jinn), Nevermore (stq.memory), Warlock (stq.j), Rexxar (stq.green), and Morphling (stq.asdfg) as their heroes. Basic, on the Sentinel side, picked Zeus, Rikimaru, Magnataur, Magina and Ezalor. It was a tense long game, which lasted more than an hour. It started as an uphill fight for crowd favorite STQ1. Eventually, it became apparent that both teams had what it takes to be declared as the Sequel champions. But in the end, STQ1 managed to destroy the World Tree first.

For the second game, Basic, playing on the Scourge side, picked intelligence heroes which would allow them to win the game in about 30 minutes. They picked Queen of Pain, Warlock, Ezalor, Abaddon, and Pugna. On the Sentinel side, STQ1 picked Zeus (stq.memory), Rikimaru (stq.ivan), Magina (stq.raven), Morphling (stq.asdfg), and surprisingly Goblin Techies (stq.jinn). Basic initiated countless fast pushes on the Sentinels’ base which put a lot of pressure on STQ1. However, STQ1 proved their mettle as they were able to defend their base consistently. After 30 minutes of gameplay, Basic started showing signs of surrendering as it was obvious that STQ1 was not about to give up their base. Basic didn’t prolong the game and declared the final game as “GG” less than 40 minutes after the game started. Thus, STQ1 was declared as the champions in their home court.

STQ1 is lead by Edan Fernandez (stq.green / stq.raven). His members are Christian Fernando (stq.jinn), brothers Deejay Lim (stq.memory) and Carlo Lim (stq.asdfg), Bryan Escrin (stq.j), Ivan Tanopo (stq.ivan), and Christian Fernandez (stq.xtian). STQ1 will play against other official gaming cafe representatives in the DoTA All-Stars Tournament during the Davao Cyber Expo 2007 (DCE) from June 22-24, 2007 at the NCCC Mall. DCE is organized by E-squared Events, headed by Kitsi Avila and Lester Avila.

This post was written by Ria Jose

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