Yesterday (July 17, 2007), small internet cafe, Star Access Net in Obrero was overcrowded with DoTA gamers who witnessed the elimination games between Teams STQ2 and Dawat_Limpyo. During the first game, STQ2 on the Sentinel’s side, picked Gondar, Magina, Ezalor, Lina Inverse, and Zeus. On the other side, Dawat_Limpyo used Akasha, Warlock, Rikimaru, Nevermore, and Pugna. STQ2 won game 1.

For the second game, Dawat_Limpyo, on the Scourge’s side, picked Warlock, Nerubian Assasin, Akasha, Raigor, and Ezalor. STQ2 countered by picking Jakiro, Rikimaru, Nevermore, Magina, and Zeus. It was a well-fought game, which mostly swayed on the side of Dawat_Limpyo. However, the more experience STQ2 proved resilient to the aggressiveness of Dawat_Limpyo, and eventually emerged as the winner of game 2.

STQ2 composed of William “Awem” Dy, Erich “RedSand” Pido, Marc “Magskie” Magno, Marco “Zai” Densing, Secchi “Seki” Yee, and James Felman “Smoke” Jacob is now the official representative of Star Access Net to the Davao Cyber Expo 2007 (DCE) DoTA All-Stars Tournament.

Other Updates:
DCE has been moved from June 22 – 24, 2007 to July 4 – 6, 2007. The venue is also moved from the fourth floor of NCCC Mall, to the ground floor of the same mall.

Other E-Ground Champions are as follows:
NetExpress Duterte: Team Ria Jose
Gerald “aiwem” Dela Cerna (Team Leader)
Brylle “bryl” Saso, Jay “MORENO” Bajao, Gel “Gel” Gonzales, Zandro “No Respect” Sabaldan, Brian “nairb” Asis

CyberMix Cafe: [TC] Clan
Jan Christian “mG” Pelobelo (Team Leader)
Kieth Jason “AI_TC” Bello, Marlio “-=Tds=-” Morata, Flenn “kawai-ging2x” Moreno, Bruce “-shin-” Lee

Sequel Sta. Ana: STQ1
Edan “ / stq.raven” Fernandez (Team Leader)
Christian “stq.jinn” Fernando, Deejay “stq.memory” Lim, Carlo “stq.asdfg” Lim, Bryan “stq.j” Escrin, Ivan “stq.ivan” Tanopo, and Christian “stq.xtian” Fernandez

Jimber’s Internet Cafe: 50[ph]
JR “joker” Gavarra (Team Leader)
Benito “tin-tin” Lejano, Ralph Kevin “` tOtzkiE” de Castro, Gerard “kieter” Tesoro, Ian “ian” Salyh

CinDrew’s Net Cafe: DDS[1] = Davao Dota Support [1]
Wex “DDS[1] stab” Corrales (Team Leader)
Florleonard Ray “DDS[1] jonReLs” Sanchez, Alvin John “DDS[1] opow” Crisostomo, Mark Anthony “DDS[1] Roh” Lee, Daryl “DDS[1] paw” Malaluan PGF
Khristian Noel “[PGF]`kz” Hornada (Team Leader)
King James “[PGF]`bukang” Bustamante, John Earl “[PGF]` jeg” Galimba, Romeo “[PGF]` xOti” Lim, Michael David “[PGF]` Gulayat” Deseo

Intertouch Cafe: STQ3
Marcreb “stq.marcreb” Ilisan (Team Leader)
Dennis “stq3 den” Laurea, Kevin “stq3 kev” Beron, Toto “stq3 beh” Magbanwa, Sherwin “stq3 pics” Mepico

Hyper Bits & Bytes Internet Cafe: Team Jacinto Bytes
Ben “ben” Carabuena (Team Leader)
Prince “princecourty” Ponteras, Leonel “babzki” Ibabao, July “july” Ochave, John “john” Salinasal

FRB Internet and Business Center: Team Anytime
Ernst Walter “Anytime.GorG” Purisima (Team Leader)
Jeremiah “Anytime.JayP” Pring, Norman “Anytime.jOnG” Delos Santos, Jason “Anytime.Jayz” Navidad, Melvin “Anytime.MeLv” Ignacio

Alizone Internet Cafe 2: Sick
Neil Jorge “zoe” Lao (Team Leader)
Michael “mike” Jalipa, Freddie “frEd” Lopez, Hans “hans” Lim, Jeffrey Christian “badz” Bajado

Blinque: Blinque-Tech
Chian “Chian” Coronel (Team Leader)

E-Grounds with pending eliminations:
BoyzTrek Cafe, Darth Gamers, Macy’s Cafe, and Monster Modz Area64

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