Davao Cyber Expo 2010

Written by Ria Jose

Davao Cyber Expo 2010

Davao Cyber Expo 2010

Get ready! The Davao Cyber Expo (DCE) by E2 Events is back in town. Coming to Davao City at the SM Event Center from July 23 – 25, 2010.

Some of the events and competitions slated to satisfy your inner geek are :

There’s a little something for everybody: hardware enthusiasts, gamers, hardcore techies, bloggers, and even your regular tech consumers and buyers.

This is DCE’s fourth year. Every year, E2 Events has been bringing bigger and better iteration’s of the Davao Cyber Expo. And this year won’t be different. It will be better! And bigger! Expect AWESOME!


See you there! 🙂

This post was written by Ria Jose

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