Davao FAT 2009 at Lachi’s

Written by Ria Jose

Laing Pasta

Laing Pasta

My primary task for the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2009 (DFAT) is to get Lachi’s to sponsor a meal for all our blogger guests from outside Davao City. I thought it would be a hard task since well… we have many guests this year. But Lachi’s didn’t disappoint. They were more than willing to host everybody we had. So on the first night of the DFAT, 17 hungry bloggers trooped over to Lachi’s for the most anticipated meal of the tour.

Before the meal started, Mike Aviles, one of the owners shared a little something with me. They had initially prepared Unforgettable Pork Ribs for everybody. But earlier in the day, several of our participants, led by Ate Aileen sneaked into Lachi’s for some desserts and mentioned that the Pork Marinara is her favorite. Kuya Andrew even tried to connive with the wait staff not to tell on them. But the waitresses are loyal to Mike and me so they told Mike. So as a generous host, Mike prepared not just ribs, but also Pork Marinara, among other things. Mike even told me they’ll keep serving us food until we stop eating, and he challenged us to finish off everything.

Pork Belly in Red Bean Paste Sauce

Pork Belly in Red Bean Paste Sauce

But Mike and Melvin didn’t stop at just serving us our most requested food. They served us their soon to be released food temptations: Laing Pasta which won the hearts of many of the participants, Pork Belly in Red Bean Paste Sauce, and Cream Dory in Thai Sauce which is now one of my favorites. These dishes will be available at Lachi’s really soon!

Since I have already tried and raved about Lachi’s various offerings before, I’ll let our guests do the talking this time:

And boy were we already for dessert. They served us more than enough and it was all good. They also gave us a sampling of another dessert which will be available on their menu soon… the sinful Lumpiang Halo-halo!

And as an added treat, the Aviles twins didn’t just serve us their signature Sans Rival and cheesecakes. They served us some of their desserts which are only available if they cater for events. Needless to say, the Creme Brulee and Ube Panna Cotta were runaway hits. So much so, that the Manolo Quezon didn’t wait for the rest to finish photographing, he immediately stole some of the desserts, much to the dismay of the photobloggers. LOL!

Lumpiang Halo-halo

Lumpiang Halo-halo

And because one (or two for some) trip to Lachi’s isn’t enough… we even went back the next day to have more of their delightful but affordable desserts. Some bloggers even brought home some sans rival from Lachi’s to Manila. Mind you, not to share with their family and friends… but for mostly for themselves. 🙂

Thank you once again to the always gracious and generous Mike and Melvin Aviles! Lachi’s is located at Ruby Street, Marfori Heights, Davao City. For reservations or inquiries, you may reach them at +63916-984-1183. And if you love Lachi’s as much as we do, be their fan on Facebook.

The Davao FAT 2009 is sponsored by DavaoFoodie.com and DavaoDeli.com.

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This post was written by Ria Jose

4 thoughts on “Davao FAT 2009 at Lachi’s

  1. charis

    yeah! as always, their cakes are the best!
    make sure to have a reservation b4 going there esp. during lunch or dinner time.

    we usually call 1st just to make sure we got a table upon arrival. otherwise, we got to wait..outside. they also take advance order too.
    # to call: (082)2245552

    happy eating! ^_^

  2. Kyle

    delicious cakes at very affordable price. the downside is that Lachi’s is really small and can only accommodate limited amount of people (they should expand!). But nonetheless, i love going to Lachi’s with friends. 🙂

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