Davao Zorb Park

February 4th, 2010

Taping at the Zorb Park

Taping at the Zorb Park

The Avatar Media Team granted FunnySexy‘s request to tape an episode of her Flippish.com show “Who Dares Kring?” here in Davao City. And one of the things Kring dared to do was ride the Zorb Ball.

Getting Inside the Zorb Ball

Getting Inside the Zorb Ball

We headed to Davao’s first Zorb Park and let her dare to enjoy the ride. After signing the waiver, Kring and I got into the giant ball and got ourselves safely strapped in.

Safely Strapped In

Safely Strapped In

And with much fear and anxiety, closed eyes, a prayer in Kring’s mind, and a handycam in my hand, off we rolled down the Zorb Park’s mini-hill…

The Zorb Ball

The Zorb Ball

It was a very thrilling ride. It was short but the nervousness and excitement made it seem long. I screamed my lungs out. Proof of this, unfortunately, will be online soon enough.

Zorb Ride

Zorb Ride

The ride costs P200. The Zorb Park is still on its dry run stage but the ride is already safe and secure with lots of thrills involved. It is located at the entrance of the Riverfront Corporate City, Diversion Road, Ma-a, Davao City.

Avatar Media would like to thank Mr. Sonny Dizon and Chris Ea of the Crocodile Park and Zorb Park for their kind accommodation!

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  1. Craig Horrocks Says:


  2. Riderboy Says:

    Looks awesome! Will try this someday.

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  6. charitan Says:

    just the information i needed! i’m from cebu and it’s my first visit here in davao. i came across a television ad and just had to goggle more details. thanks for the info! :)

  7. Roy Angelo Prudente Says:

    Wow it really looks nice, I did not get the chance to try this, cause we arrived late in the afternoon at the crocodile Park I wanted to try ZORB.. hmm was there last saturday maybe I will try this when I go back to Davao… woooh

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