Davao’s Park

Written by Ria Jose


For months now, the historical PTA Grounds, located in the heart of Davao City, has been closed to the public. It has been undergoing a total makeover. As part of the local government’s aim to make the city more environment-friendly, it has made the PTA Grounds into a garden in the middle of the city’s downtown commercial area.


Last Kadayawan Festival, the yet unnamed park opened its doors to the public for viewing. However, it is still under construction, and will only be fully operational on December. The MDC Team recently visited the park to take a quick look and take some pictures… and we were impressed with what we saw.


The first thing that we saw was the circular building with the roof made to look like the exterior of a durian. Such a quaint idea. It was nicely done, if I may say so. There were also a stone statues of Davao and Filipino symbols such as our indigenous peoples, and the Philippine Eagle. And of course, it wouldn’t be a park without the playground, the pond, and the many, many, many plants in the area.


It is indeed a wonderful addition to the many attractions in our lovely Davao City. Come December, it will be fully operational with its many different functions and features.


Update: The park is now open to the public and is now officially named as the People’s Park.

This post was written by Ria Jose

16 thoughts on “Davao’s Park

  1. Winston

    The Park Office and the City Administrators Office is conducting a “Name the Park Contest”. If you are interested, you may get the application forms from these offices. Fifty grand awaits the winner and the winner’s entry will be used as the name of the park.

  2. jc floirendo

    what a great park ever in the Philippines… for me, it is the most beautiful park in the whole country… MABUHAY DAVAO CITY!

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  4. tjbrewed

    And the most modern too….It will include a multi million interactive/musical fountain, a 3 storey- waterfalls, and alot more! eheheheheh more surprises to come for fellow dabawenyos! weeeeeeee

  5. tjbrewed

    Davao based peeps! I need your help. Who got the contact information of the park’s admin or city administrator.

    I’ve heard that Kublai will no longer finish his works at the park as the PTA supervisor decided to fill the park with Disney characters and cement flowers instead of real ones to save themselves from watering it.

    If such plan would be pursued, we are looking at a future disaster. We are envisioning this city park to depict what Davao is. Not to be just another ordinary park. Our taxes are being utilized for this project so this means that we…Dabawenyos, should have a say to this park.

    Would u rather have another ordinary park with disney characters and cement flowers? Or let them continue what they have started, have a park which is world class and original. Davao’s future landmark is at stake guys! So pls…speak up. Since u are based in Davao now, let the city administrator and park supervisor hear your voices.

    I believe that there is always two sides of every stories. I hope that they (the park supervisor and planners) can explain what they have in mind.

  6. jackie b. dizon

    That is soooo “cheap”!!! I mean, mahal in terms of cost to build the concrete disney characters and the flowers… but please naman…building a “concrete park” in the middle of a “concrete jungle”!!! This will totally defeat the purpose. I think we dabawenyos need a beautiful, clean, breathing place in the middle of our city. Besides, we get good sunshine and rain free in our city. Maybe the administrators should think of harnessing these resources first. For now, tama na yung stone sculptures.

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  8. Marissa U. Pagangpang

    I admire the low profile of Mayor Duterte. Even though we are living here in Manila but then we see to to it that we always tune in to Channel 39 ACQ.Its good to know that there;s a visayan channel to view. And, one of the topic that we are able to watch was that when Mayor said he will step down on his mayorship if ever the COA or any independent body who made the necessary auditing will found any anomalous on this project. But then just recently we read on the newspaper that COA find no overpricing of the said project. Well, that is good to hear, and I am encouraging to the davaouenos to support the program of the city government of Davao because they are after the welfare of the people. Who knows in the future, Davao is one of the tourist destination and will continue to boom all throughout.

  9. Edver A. Baclado

    i did not seen my hometown 4 two years,because i was work here in abroad.cgurado ako mas lalong gumanda at pinaganda ng city government of davao ang aking pinakamamahal na hometown.kaya excited ako makita ang davao city.i was hoping keep always beautiful and maintain cleanliness,peace,friendly people of davao.there is nothing 2 compare it.i love davao city.god bless us.

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