DFAT 2012: Snacks at Ranchero

Written by Ria Jose



The 2012 edition of the famed Davao Food Appreciation Tour (DFAT) had its opening salvo at the Ranchero. The Filipino-inspired restaurant served up a delectable assortment of Filipino merienda dishes.

The merienda opened with fresh and fried lumpia and pancit canton. There were also servings of the classic Filipino merienda dish dinuguan with, of course, puto (rice cake).

Ranchero's Kakanin Trio

Ranchero’s Kakanin Trio

The real stars of the afternoon were the delightuflly Pinoy kakanin: Tibok-Tibok, Suman sa Lihiya, and Sticky Rice with Mango. Everybody had their own favorite among the three. As for me, I liked them all but suman sa lihiya is one of my all time favorite kakanins so I loved that most.

The meal was complemented by the participants’ choice of Ranchero’s fresh fruit shakes: dragon fruit, melon, or honeydew.

Check out some of the social media posts by the DFAT 2012 participants:

In Davao, Ranchero is located at the Third Floor of Abreeza Ayala Mall, along JP Laurel Avenue, bajada, Davao City. For more information, add them up on FB at this link.

This post was written by Ria Jose

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  1. Franz Dela Cruz

    Foody Goody!!! Yummy Tummy!

    As we explore with our taste buds, guys watch this fun exploration from Bogart the Explorer of Davao City…

    He is so funny.. here’s the link

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