Doon Po Sa Amin Competition 2015

Doon Po Sa Amin Competition

Written by Ria Jose

Doon Po Sa Amin Competition 2015

Doon Po Sa Amin Competition 2015

Showcase the beauty of Davao and all things amazing about our awesome city. Join the Doon Po Sa Amin Competition and be Davao’s Ambassador.

Doon Po Sa Amin (DPSA) is a video-making competition that enjoins Filipinos to share their hometown stories. It is organized and SMART Communications annually since 2008.

DPSA is a nationwide competition with two divisions:

  1. the Student Division for high school and college students, and
  2. Open Division for other Pinoys.

Student Division

A team joining the Student Division must be composed of 10 members. It must consist of 7 to 9 high school or college students and 1 to 3 teachers or coaches. Students may be from different levels, sections, or courses but all must be officially enrolled in the same school or university. All team members must be Philippine residents.

Open Division

A team joining the Open Division must be composed of 8 to 10 professional or non-professional filmmakers. The team must have a designated Official Representative. Characters in the video or production crew members can be counted as team members. All team members must be Philippine residents.

Competitors from both divison may compete in any of 3 categories. They may create any of the following:

  • a Music Video,
  • a Short Plug, or
  • a Travel Video.

Doon Po Sa Amin Music Video

A music video is a filmed rendition of an original song. Teams must compose and record their original song. It can be in English, Filipino, or in other Philippine dialects. English subtitles must be provided. A DPSA Music Video must be 2 – 5 minutes long.

Doon Po Sa Amin Short Plug

A short plug is a short video akin to a video ad or commercial. In 20 to 30 seconds, a team must be able to share an enticing feature about something unique in their hometown.

Doon Po Sa Amin Travel Video

A travel video must show an on screen guide that provides insights into the geographical, historical, and cultural aspects of your hometown’s unique feature. It can include footage of events or interviews with personalities. A DPSA Travel Video must run for 3 to 5 minutes.

Participants are invited to highlight unique features about their hometown such as activities to enjoy, food to eat, history to uncover, people to meet, places to go, plants and animals to discover, and community products to support.

Registration to joing the Doon Po Sa Amin 2015 Competition has started last June 1, 2015. To register for the competition, the team’s Official Representative must register as a user at the Doon Po Sa Amin Contest Site at Once registered as a site user, the team’s Official Representative may already register as many entries as the team wishes to submit. Each entry must only be submitted once and the Official Representative will receive a confirmation email.

Deadline of submission of entries is on September 25, 2015. Pre-screening will be from October 12 to 16. Regional judging will be on October 23 and National Judging will be on October 28.

All entries will be judged according to the following criteria: Content 40%, Creativity 30%, Execution 20%, and Impact 10%.

All winning teams for each category for each division will receive PhP30,000 in cash. As part of their prize, three representatives from each winning team will be invited to attend the Awarding Ceremony on November 25, 2015 in Metro Manila. SMART Communications will cover the accommodations, travel, and meal expenses of the three representatives from each of the winning teams.

This is your chance to show why Davao is the best. Join the Doon Po Sa Amin 2015 Competition and feature our unique places, adventures, culture, people, food, and products.

To know more details about the Doon Po Sa Amin 2015 Competition, visit the contest site at To see video entries from the past years, check the videos at

For updates about DPSA, follow the Doon Po Sa Amin social media accounts on Facebook at, on Twitter @DoonPoSaAminPH, and on Instagram @DoonPoSaAminPH.

For more information about projects and events by SMART Communications, visit their site at For updates about SMART, follow SMART on social media: Facebook at, on Twitter @SMARTCares, and on Instagram @SMARTCares.

This post was written by Ria Jose

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