Eco-Tourism Spots in Davao: Beaches, Mountains, Wildlife and Adventure

Written by Ria Jose

Nowadays, traveling does not only mean rest and relaxation. Quite a number of people actually travel with a purpose. There are a few who travel to get that perfect spa treatment; some go on literal food trips. Then there are those who crave to get in touch and explore nature. Many local and foreign tourists have suffered the long way to Sagada and the hassle of flying to Palawan for that elusive chance to experience Mother Nature’s wonders. Thus, the birth of what is called as eco-tourism.


Davao is definitely not one to be left out of the eco-tourism market. One of more apt taglines of Davao City is “from Islands to Highlands,” which is a succinct way to describe the marvelous qualities of the Davao environment. Davao City, being the expansive city that it is, is amazingly close to both the mountainside and the shores. Thus, it is possible to experience the cool mountain breeze in a day and experience the warm glow of the sun on the beach the next day. What’s even more amazing is the fact that all of it is within near proximity to the comforts of a city.


Eden Nature Park located at Toril, a 45-minute drive from the city’s center is one of the most frequented eco-tourism sites in the Davao. This nature park offers a magnificent view of the city and a great opportunity to be up close with local flora and fauna. The park also offers various amenities from which you can choose your accommodations for an overnight stay. They have clean and safe camping grounds, dorm-type rooms, cottages and suites.



One of the most popular species in Davao is the Philippine Eagle, also called the Monkey-Eating Eagle or the Haribon (short for Haring Ibon). It is not the national bird for nothing. It boasts of the widest wing span of any bird species. Thus, it is only natural to devote an entire park to its conservation: the Philippine Eagle Park located in Calinan, some 20 kilometers away from the city. Although devoted to the conservation and breeding of the Philippine Eagle, the park also boasts of a wide array of wild endemic animals such as a crocodile, other birds (owls, other eagle species, etc) and some mammals.


The Davao experience would not be complete without a trip to the beach. Or for some, to the depths of the sea. Quite a number of people have begun to discover the great diving sites in between Davao City and Samal Island and those located in the Davao Gulf. And of course, there are countless of beach resorts in the area such as the widely popular Paradise Beach Resort, the upscale Pearl Farm Beach Resort and Chema’s.


And for the more adventurous, the Davao River is now a certified kayaking site through the Davao Wild Water Adventure experience. Kilometers of river spotted with varying degrees of rough terrain that is sure to excite any thrill seeker.


And of course, Davao will not be Davao without the majestic Mount Apo, the highest peak in the Philippines. The mountain is one of the more challenging climb sites for any mountain climber. However, the climb is not just hard work. Along the way, climbers are treated with sights of flora and fauna such as the elusive waling-waling and other local orchid varieties and various species of birds and mammals. And of course, the greatest prize for any climber is the exhilarating view that one gets upon reaching the apex on the mountain.


Other local ecotourism sites which deserve a visit or two are the spelunking sites in Samal and the Marilog District, the tubing site in nearby Sta. Cruz, the Crocodile Park in Ma-a, the bat caves in Samal Island and the various mountain resorts in the Marilog District.

So whether it is for adventure or to simply smell the flowers, Davao City is the right place for all nature-lovers, or those aspiring to be one. 😉

This post was written by Ria Jose

18 thoughts on “Eco-Tourism Spots in Davao: Beaches, Mountains, Wildlife and Adventure

  1. Euclid Dayanghirang

    It was an interesting travel article about Davao City. But Davao is not Davao without mentioning the precious orchid gardens and the delicious and bountiful seasonal fruits like durian, rambutan, lanzones, pomelo, etc.

  2. Florian

    I found your blog via google by accident and have to admit that youve a really interesting blog 🙂
    Just saved your feed in my reader, have a nice day 🙂

  3. dheea

    hello world!,hello Philippines..,,,

    wonder of the Philippines is very ooohhh…and ahhhh…as in coolll….and exciting..!!!Davao is too great,,,from Zaomboanga city.,,merry christmas and a happy new year!!!{advance}

  4. elan of makati city

    hi guys! wanting ur advise on where to stay in island of samal? mid-range resort if possible since pearl farm is so expensive (from what i saw in their website) is paradise island good enough? what is the 2nd best after pearl farm? if u could recommend at least 4 resorts to stay in in samal island? and top 5 restaurants to eat in once in davao city… thx hoping for ur swift reply!

  5. balot

    i heard about this cove called Canibad. people say it’s a great place to be. but then a few days ago, a friend told me that it’s no longer that great because it’s not anymore as private as before. 🙁

    i googled canibad and true enough, the place looks great. i hope it’s still worth the time and effort in going there since i plan to check out the place soon. 🙂

  6. nicosss

    im proud to be davaoeño..(tama bA?)..yes..guys, try to climb MT. APO..its nice to know how our Creature made our world..many great things in davao..the bars and clubs, malls,resturants, hotels, beaches..samal also has great adventure..the BAT CAVE, CANIBAD, HAGIMIT FALLS,PUTING BATO PEAK, PARADISE, PEARL FARM, KAPUTIAN…many more…i miss my hometown..

  7. giselle

    hey..davao is pretty good guys..try it…davao has many natural resources!!da best talaga..!!nakapunta na kami sa eden talagang para kang nasa paraiso..fresh air and peace at good ambiance…unfogetable travel talaga sa davao!!HIGH FIVE!AIM HIGH DAVAO!!!

  8. norhana

    hello guys,,,how is everything over there? im just wondering if you guys can tell me how much costs for buy island 7 hectares in davao? my husband want to buy island but we have no idea how much that would be…

  9. grace

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    Best service for there clients in the foremost concern.


  10. tin

    hi there! i plan to go solo to davao this april 1-3, 2010, i just want to try it. for 2 days and a limited budget, i want to maximize these 2 days, what activity/destination can you suggest, since im going solo? im ok with trekking, water sport limited only to snorkeling, not really into water sports, beach is ok. sight seeing is more like it. my budget pocket money is around 5k. what cheap and decent city hotel can you suggest in davao? i saw a lot of hotels that are relatively cheap and within the budget of around P600-1,000 but of all those hotels, what is your best recommendation?

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  12. daisy

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