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5 thoughts on “Eden Nature Park

  1. jaydj

    uy extras kami ! 🙂 at video outtake pa special ! hehehe!
    funny, i was looking at the indiana jones video and looking at Winston riding the rope. I said to myself, “Ang galeng naman ng kumuha ng video, tumakbo pa kasabay ng kinuhanan !” Then I realized, “ay ! nakasakay rin pala nagvivideo kasi biglang naging langit ang kinuhanan pagdating sa dulo”.

    masaya nga doon ! it’s the only physically challenging part of the trip (trying to get our stomach’s full doesn’t count as physically challenging…LOL!) but worth it and the only place where we got to see the food growing before we ate it (the vegetables ha… hindi yung carabao).

  2. andrew Post author

    Hahaha. What if I was really running and just happened to leap into the air at the end?!

    Nice video Ate Ria! Good times, good times.

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