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Written by Ria Jose

Get Organized Products for Travelers

Get Organized Products for Travelers: (clockwise from upper left) Long Baggage Organizer, Shoe Bag, Hand Bag Organizer and Passport Holder, Toiletry Kit, Travel Documents Sling Bag, Travel Valet, and Gadgets Charger Case

If you travel often, you must know the struggle of keeping everything organized and in it’s proper place. Packing alone can be a stressful chore. You don’t have to worry anymore. Local brand, Get Organized distributes Philippine made home and travel organizers that will help you keep every stored and compartmentalized properly. From your money and documents to your shoes, and even gadgets, Get Organized has the perfect solution to your home and travel organization needs.

Get Organized Home and Travel Organizers are all designed with a specific function in mind, like a shoe pouch with air holes and a foldable bag which you can carry use for when you have excess baggage you can’t check in and have to carry, instead. Majority, of the products, however, are versatile enough to be used for other purposes. The Gadgets Charger Case, for example, can be used to carry pocket sized toiletries, or the Dry Bag for Gadgets can be used to store wet towels or clothes. They also have a wide range of practical organization kits for men and women.

All products are available in various colors from neutral tones to loud and bright colors and prints. You can get matchy-matchy products or you can mix and match. Get organizers that will suit your personality.

Get Organized products are priced from only P165 to P615. You are sure to find the perfect practical and affordable solution for your home and travel organization needs.

Get Organized products are all Philippine-made Proudly Pinoy products.

Ria Jose with the Get Organized Travel Sling Bag in Pink

Ria Jose with the Get Organized Travel Sling Bag in Pink

Get Organized products are now available at Chimes Specialty Store in Sales Street, Davao City and at Felcris Centrale in Quezon Boulevard, Davao City.

For inquiries and more information about Get Organized, like their page at Follow them on Instagram @fancymom_oshop to see more of their products.

Map of Get Organized Home and Travel Organizers Store Locations:

This post was written by Ria Jose

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