Chillin' Summer with Haier

Haier Summer Chillin’ Promo

Written by Ria Jose

Chillin' Summer with Haier

Chillin’ Summer with Haier

The rainy season has began but Haier is still giving you the summer sunshine with the Haier Summer Chillin Promo.

When you buy selected Haier or Sanyo appliances you get a cool freebie to take home. Cool down with these Haier and Sanyo appliances and the freebies they come with. Here are the Haier appliances you can buy and the corresponding freebies you can take home until June 30, 2015:

  • for every 32-inch or any bigger size LED TV: a 5400 MAH power bank or a wall bracket for your new television set;
  • for every single door or a two-door Haier refrigerator: a Rubbermaid Food Keeper + 3 Sports Bottle or a Rubbermaid Food Keeper + 1 Chug Bottle + Slotted Spoon;
  • for every 2-door no-frost refrigerator: a 1/3 gallon Coleman Cooler Water Jug or a Sanyo pressure cooker;
  • for every window type air conditioner (AC): AC brackets;
  • for every split type air conditioner: a 1/3 gallon Cooler Water Jug from Coleman or a P3,000 Installation Subsidy;
  • for every single tub washing machine: a 500g Surf Blossom Fresh w/ Fabcon Detergent;
  • for every twin tub washing machine: a Rubbermaid Food Keeper + 3 Sports Bottle or Rubbermaid Food Keeper + 1 Chug Bottle + Slotted Spoon;
  • for every front load washing machine: a free air cooler; and
  • for every fully automatic washing machine or a washing machine dryer: a Sanyo pressure cooker.

  • To get your freebie, present a proof of purchase from the same store where you bought your items within 60 days of your purchase. For the P3,000 subsidy for the wall-mounted air conditioning system, the store will refer you to call the Haier hotline.

    To know more about Haier Philippines’ products and promos, visit and like their Facebook Page at For more information, call the Haier hotline at 1-800-8-9999999 for Globe subscribers, 1-800-10-9999999 for PLDT subscribers, or contact the customer care center at +632-8839999.

This post was written by Ria Jose

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