Harley Boulevard Motor Cafe

Written by Ria Jose

Harley Blvd Motor Cafe

There’s a new burger joint in town. And boy do they serve giant, tender, juicy, yummy burgers. Harley Blvd Motor Cafe in an unpretentious little restaurant which serves burgers, hotdogs, spanish omelettes and more to diners on a budget.

Harley's Burger

Harley's Burger

Harley’s now famous burger is sold at only P60. But it is value for every peso spent as the patties are handmade and the cheese are extra thick, served with fresh vegetables, and the amount of chili powder that you want.

Hot and Spicy Buffalo Wings

Hot and Spicy Buffalo Wings

Another must-try at Harley’s are their Chicken Wings which they serve in various ways: Fried, Barbeque, and Hot and Spicy Buffaloes. I’ve tasted the Buffalo Wings and they were spicy. Tasty and juicy. Definitely something for spice lovers.

Harley’s also serves their dishes with as much chili as you want. A customer once had 72 chili peppers in his Spanish Omelette. TOP THAT!

Melon Shake

Melon Shake

And the shake… at P25 you can have rich and creamy Melon Shake. They also have a Mango Shake which sells for only P20.

Aside from their burgers and other diner dishes, Harley also serves a variety of dishes such as the very tempting fried rice and fried porkchop when we went there for burgers. Must go back there soon.

Harley Boulevard Motor Cafe is located along Juan Luna corner Guerrero Street, Davao City.

This post was written by Ria Jose

7 thoughts on “Harley Boulevard Motor Cafe

  1. Kath

    it’s at juan luna st. cor. juan dela cruz..near ateneo jacinto…must try! sobrang sarap at super mura pa…:)

  2. Dom

    In front of Better Components, Juan Luna St. Corner Juan Dela Cruz.

    Love their Jagerschnitzel, Omelet, Chicken Salad Burger and ChiliCheeseDog Burger.

  3. Rachel

    i really love chilly cheese bowl and Spanish omelet.you have to try it! simply delicious…

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