Islands Banca Cruises in Davao

Written by Ria Jose

Take an Island Cruise on this Banca Davao City Tour

Take an Island Cruise on this Banca

After a successful launch in Cebu, Islands Banca Cruises is finally in Davao.

On a sunny afternoon, two white and orange bancas took their maiden voyages in the Davao channel, taking locals and tourists on a relaxing cruise from Davao City to the Garden City of Samal Island.

Islands Banca Cruises is the brainchild of the people behind Island Souvenirs. Realizing the need to bridge the gap and fulfil the request of Philippine tourists, Island Banca Cruises launched customized island hopping tours in Cebu. With their success in Cebu, Island Banca Cruises partnered with Davao entrepreneur Kirby Te to launch the Island Banca Cruises franchise in Davao.

Get Comfortable Islands Banca Cruises Davao

Get Comfortable

Islands Banca Cruises have customized boats with large sun decks, trademark orange towels on hand, and a music dock for your entertainment. The bancas have comfortable seats and bean bags and clean restrooms to ensure each banca tourist will have an enjoyable experience. Guests will also have WiFi access in the banca so they can keep their friends updated as they cruise around the islands. Each banca can fit 20 tourists.

The bancas’ captains, tour guides, and crew members are all trained as lifeguards. And they are ready to answer every beck and call and cater to every request of their guests. They are knowledgeable and can answer your tour and travel inquiries. And yes, they’re even trained to carry you if you don’t want to get your feet wet when getting on and off their bancas.

Enjoy the View and the Cool Waters Comfortably Islands Banca Cruises Davao

Enjoy the View and the Cool Waters Comfortably

Islands Banca Cruises Davao has specially designed tours ranging from a half day island hopping tour to an entire day of cruising through the Davao channel. Promo packages start at P4,999. And you pay just a little extra for lunch. Guests can also request for special tours for their own special occasion.

Islands Banca Cruises has set out to provide services that every tourist has been look for. And with the launch of Island Banca Cruises Davao, tourists visiting our city will surely get to enjoy their Davao visit more. With a view of Davao City and Samal Island in a comfortable banca with all the amenities of the modern world, every Davao tourist should definitely try out the Island Banca Cruises.

Get On and Off the Banca with Assistance Islands Banca Cruises Davao

Get On and Off the Banca with Assistance

The Islands Banca Cruises jump off from the Pearl Farm Marina Jetty in Lanang, Davao City. For more information, you may send your inquiries to You may also reach them at +6382-2842066. For updates and information, add them on FB at

Images by Arthur Yap. Article published on SunStar Davao on November 9, 2011.

This post was written by Ria Jose

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