Kadayawan 2008

Written by Ria Jose

Kadayawan is dubbed as the festival of festivals. What began as a simple thanksgiving for bountiful harvests has evolved into one big party of parties, with the highlight on the diverse groups of Davaoeños. A celebration of our indigenous cultures, food, arts, hobbies, past and present cultures, Kadayawan has become the event to experience and enjoy in Davao City every year because there’s something for everybody.

Here’s a video introduction of and invitation to Kadayawan 2008:

by Ian Ray Garcia

Among the highlights of the festival are the colorful Indak-Indak the Kadalanan, the floral float parade, Moda Mindanaw, Tunog Mindanaw, and the search for the Hiyas ng Kadayawan. First time Kadayawan guests, are enjoined to join the special Kadayawan Toursk.

For more details, visit the official site at Kadayawan.com.

This post was written by Ria Jose

5 thoughts on “Kadayawan 2008

  1. fe p. malasmas-lopez

    I am always amazed at all the activities happening in Davao during Kadayawan.
    Because of this, My friend and myself is definitely going backto Davao Kadayawan 2009.
    May we request for the program of Kadayawan this year so wwe can plan accordingly.
    Thanks and God bless.

  2. K

    me too.. i want to have the schedule of kadayawan festival this 2009..kindly send me..thanks

  3. Enrico Tobias

    Is there a reply to the above blogs?

    Try to google Kadayawan 2009 and you will never get anything for 2009.
    enough of 2008 blogs… or maybe got to update your sites?

    Please, does anyone know when is the festival in 2009 and the schedule?


  4. joyen

    Kadayawan will be in August, and yet to date we haven’t got any info on the festivities. Hope it will be published soon, looking forward to my 1st kadayawan 😉

  5. Enrico tobias

    …and lo and behold, it’s August, 2010!!!! No Kadayawan schedule! Maybe in the year 3010? Kadayawan in heaven. Long live Davao! Padayun! Ha ha ha ha

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