Keyword Campaign Contest: DAVAO

Written by Ria Jose

My Davao City is sponsoring an SEO Keyword Campaign Contest in time for Araw ng Davao 2008. The contest will run from January 16 – February 16, 2008. Prize at stake is a round trip plane ticket from Manila to Davao and back to Manila.

Bloggers may join the contest by posting an entry on their blog on anything about Davao. It may be their trips to Davao, their favorite spots, or why they want to visit Davao. The entry must be no less than 200 words. It must contain the link to this blog ( using the anchor text “Davao.” Your link should not contain a “nofollow” tag. This link must be the only link contained in the post. Entries must be posted on the participants respective blog. Each blogger may only submit one entry. Please submit your entry by commenting on this post.

On February 20, 2008, the best entry as judged by members of Davao’s The Usual Suspects will be announced on this blog.

The winner will receive round trip plane tickets from Manila to Davao City and back to Manila. The MDC will book the flights to coincide with the upcoming Davao Bloggers’ Food Tour during the Araw ng Davao 2008 Celebration. The prize is non-transferable and cannot be converted to cash.

Davao-based bloggers, and those not based in Metro Manila can also join the contest. The best entry from bloggers not based in Metro Manila will receive free blog hosting for a year.

Submit your entry now!

This post was written by Ria Jose

9 thoughts on “Keyword Campaign Contest: DAVAO

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  2. Loyd Martinez

    Dear Ria,

    Searching for topics about Davao, I came accross this blogspot and read about the contest. At the moment I’ve been working on my blogspot at ( which will contain all my travel experiences around the Philippines. So far I have made an introduction about Davao, and I realized I should submit an entry. My concern is that, should I be a blogger in in order for me to join the contest? or can I submit my entry using my ( as reference? Kindly advise so I can submit my official entry. Hoping for your reply asap. Thanks so much.

  3. Red

    this is great!!! we should promote davao to get more people to visit, invest or at least write something nice other than the negative news that national companies broadcast.

    the more tourist visiting davao would mean more jobs for the tourism industry. more positive things happening in davao means more business people wanting to invest therefore more jobs for everyone. its high time for davao to shine.

    this is why i am in trying to establish a directory of interesting places around davao so others would know how davao have progressed.

    you may visit my 2 day old site at

    i will put more information in the next few days and hopefully would have enough by the time davao celebrates it’s founding anniversary.


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