List of Halal Certified Food and Products

Written by Ria Jose

Halal is a term that pertains to any object of action that is in accordance to the Islamic law. Here in Davao City, food establishments are required by law to serve Halal food, and to prominently post on their premises that they serve Halal food.

The Davao City Council has tasked the Davao City Muslim Ulama Halal Certifying and Monitoring Agency to accredit Davao City food establishments to ensure that they follow the strictest sanitary procedures and to ensure that they are indeed serving Halal certified food.

Not all local government units have the same ordinance. However, an online site has launched providing a list of Halal certified food.

Halal Certified Food Site

The Halal Certified Food Site

The blog provides a list of Halal certified products that are prepared, produced, and sold in accordance to the Islam law. Thus, the food and products on the site are all Halal, providing a comprehensive and practical list for our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Among the food products listed as Halal on the site are Tang Instant Mix Drink, Swift Delicious Hotdog, Cookbest Pure Vegetable Oil, and Fiorgelato Ice Cream.

It’s a practical site for Muslims who wish to prepare their own Halal food at home, or for when they are out of their houses and would like to know which foods are Halal for them to eat.

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This post was written by Ria Jose

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