Mamu’s Restobar

Written by Ria Jose

Shrimps Kinilaw

Shrimps Kinilaw

Filipino home-cooking is common and easy to find, so it’s hard to find one that really impresses one’s palate. Mamu’s Restobar has the look and feel, the ambiance of a fine dining restaurant. Their menu, however, consists of Filipino dishes and recipes cooked and served with a twist.

The first dish we tried, the Shrimps Kinilaw didn’t disappoint at all. The sauce had a tangy, spicy taste which complemented the sweetness of the fresh uncooked shrimps. I enjoyed eating the shrimps and the cucumber it was served with. It was surprising that Andrew who is averse to anything with vinegar, also enjoyed the dish.

Chicken Tinuyuan

Chicken Tinuyuan

The Chicken Tinuyuan is also a runaway hit with tender chicken prepared with a rich sauce that was salty and a bit sour. It has a distinct flavor that I is similar to menudo, but quite different from it. We also tried the Beef Abodo which is prepared like adobo but sosy-fied with the addition of asparagus and mushrooms.

Tortang Talong

Tortang Talong

My favorite was the Tortang Talong. I love, love, love tortang talong and Mamu’s didn’t disappoint. The talong was moist, prepared with minced meat, spices and wrapped in scrambled egg. I kept asking Kuya and Blogie to give me their share of the dish but they wouldn’t.

Durian Float

Durian Float

The meal ended with a sweet surprise, Durian Float. It consisted of frozen durian ice cream in between layers of delicate crushed graham crackers. YUMMY!

Mamu’s is a bit pricey and service is not so good, but the food is definitely worth a try. If you are craving for some Filipino dishes served with a twist, try Mamu’s.

Mamu’s is located at the Anisabel Suites, along Bacaca Road, Rolling Hills in Davao City. For reservations and inquiries, you may reach them at 63-225-8114.

Photos taken using my N82 in Close Up/ Digital Macro Mode, with a red eye setting.

This post was written by Ria Jose

9 thoughts on “Mamu’s Restobar

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  2. claire

    Can you please give me info or a suggestion as to where would be the best(food is good and not too pricey)place to hold a kid’s birthday and grandparent’s wedding celebration together? also a place where kids can play and we can bring lechon? thanks in advance for any suggestions

  3. Jeny

    They do not serve the same CRISPY BINAGOONGANG BABOY that they used to. The meat is not even crispy now. The bagoong has become salty. Too bad they changed the Chef. =(

  4. Jenny

    We want the old recipe back! We want the old recipe back! Ohh, how we missed that Crispy Binagoongang baboy!

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