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Written by Ria Jose

Last Sunday, I was at the Metro Card Club Davao to witness the first Poker Face Monthly Tournament. My friend, was one of those who won the satellite tournaments and was able to get a seat for last Sunday’s tournament. It was a looong tournament of 50 players. After three rounds, only 7 had been eliminated, including my friend.

The Davao Metro Card Club is a cozy little place for a bit of recreational gambling and hardcore poker playing. There are 8 regular tables, and one VIP table. Cash games are played every night and open to the general public (21 years old and above only). Poker playing is made more exciting by their monthly tournaments.

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, starting at 5 pm, satellite tournaments are held for their Poker Face Tournament. Up for grabs is a seat in the monthly finals. The next two monthly finals will be held on November 16 and December 21, 2008.

Mondays and Fridays, satellite tournaments for their Heads Up Tournament are held from 5 pm onwards. It follows a double eliminations system. Winners get a seat in the monthly finals. The next two will be on November 9 and December 14.

The two tournaments are also open to other players who can join by buying in and paying a registration fee.

Wednesday nights are also Ladies’ Nights at the Metro Card Club. Those nights, beginning at 7 pm, there are Ladies’ Free Roll Poker Tournaments.

So if you are looking for some good unadulterated poker fun, head on over to the Metro Card Club located at the CVA Building, along Quirino Boulevard, Davao City.

This post was written by Ria Jose

5 thoughts on “Metro Card Club

  1. yong

    Hi there bay. mind asking where particularly is CVA building? any landmarks that can guide us nearer to the place? i am an avid fan of the world poker tours and also a poker player myself together with my cousins and friends. we are very interested in planning to visit the place which we happen to search in your blogsite. anyway thanks for the post. Godspeed!

  2. Maria

    Dan, more details at Cash games are available everyday with the following blinds:
    10/20 – minimum buy in: P300, max: P2000
    25/25 – minimum: P500, max: P3000
    25/50 – minimum: P1000, max: P3000
    50/100 – minimum: P2000
    100/200 – minimum: P2000

  3. sam_milby1980

    its a nice place to stay…nice food….nice players i hope you will invite us here in panabo for your tournaments were more than 40 players here …. ty

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