Pamulaan Center

Written by Ria Jose

Students of the Pamulaan Center

Students of the Pamulaan Center

Weeks ago, I got to attend the Adidas Wanted: Old Shoes Turn Over Ceremony at the Pamulaan Center in Mintal, Davao City.

The center fascinated me a lot because of it’s unique brand of education. It is the first in Asia and one of the very few in the world where education is customized for the culture of the indigenous peoples.

With Pamulaan Student Kristine

With Pamulaan Student Kristine

The Pamulaan Center is an educational center for students coming from 31 various Indigenous Tribes from all over the Philippines. It’s goal is to create culturally appropriate and relevant venues for training and formation for the indigenous peoples.

The term “Pamulaan” is a Matigsalog term which means seedbed. The center’s name stresses its goal of being the root of the development of its students and beneficiaries. The center is also the source of educational materials and training modules for indigenous peoples.

Pamulaan Student

Pamulaan Student

The Pamulaan Center’s curriculum and methods of teaching are based on the indigenous people’s traditions, beliefs, and culture.

It stresses on the eight elements of an Indigenous People’s Education System: (1) valuing indigenous education, (2) promoting cultural integrity, (3) valuing land and environment, (4) employing holistic and integrative learning process, (5) enhancing creative and analytical thinking, (6) promoting the value of service and volunteerism, (7) promoting peace and community-building, and (8) promoting empowerment and people’s participation.

The Pamulaan Center in the University of Southeastern Philippines -Mintal offers specialized tertiary education to students coming from different indigenous groups.

It offers four courses: Bachelor of Science in Education, Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Technology, Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, and Bachelor of Arts in Peace Education.

Pamulaan is open to donations and partnerships with interested parties. For inquiries, you may contact them through their website.

This post was written by Ria Jose

7 thoughts on “Pamulaan Center

  1. oscar b. cervantes

    hi Ria. I’m a good friend of your mom. I’ve been reading your articles in Sun Star Davao. I’m glad you inherited her talent. Congratulations and more power!

  2. richel

    hi, im interested to study about the pamulaan because it is our requirement in my school to study about the pamulaan i thought that pamulaan is one of the tribe here in davao but after i read all your articles i never thought that this is a name of a center were the 31 tribes are here…could you help me to know more about pamulaan..

  3. ayen

    good day!

    “It is the first in Asia and one of the very few in the world where education is customized for the culture of the indigenous peoples.”

    this line really got my attention and i’m very proud at those people who is also proud of their tribe. i encountered some people who shies away if they’re asked about their origin. you are grateful because people looks at you with high standards. as what I’ve heard, you have 31 tribes in your community. i just want to know if Bagobos are 1 of them and if i may ask, what quality of your tribe are you proud most? I’ll be most thankful for your reply. =)

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  5. jonard

    its a great oppurtunity for me to study in pamulaan.
    I have lots of experiences inside the center.
    Thank you pamulaan….

  6. abdul

    thank you very much pamulaan for the opportunity that you are given to the IP youth to continue there dreams in life…..

  7. ryanlou biunahon aston

    let us do whatever we can in order to preserve the rich culture of our tribe…… im ryanlou aston of bukidnon tribe in malaybalay bukidnon

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