Penong’s Barbeque Seafoods & Grill

Written by Ria Jose

Penong's Chicken Barbeque

Penong's Chicken Barbeque

If you want chicken barbeque, you must try Penong’s Barbeque Seafoods & Grill. Their chicken barbeque is tender and very flavorful. It has the right combination of smoky, salty, and sweet flavors. Perfect!

Penong’s became popular for innovating bottomless rice, giving their customers the utmost satisfaction while enjoying their delicious dishes.

Penong's Spare Ribs

Penong's Spare Ribs

Other must-try dishes from Penong’s are their Ensaladang Talong, Steamed Okra, Tuna Belly, and Barbeque Spare Ribs.

Happy Eaters at Penong's

Happy Eaters at Penong's

Penong’s Barbeque Seafoods & Grill has branches at Quirino Avenue, Sta Ana Avenue, Ilustre Street, Lanang, and Matina.

Thank you to Tyron Uy and the Penong’s management for being gracious hosts of the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2010!

This post was written by Ria Jose

2 thoughts on “Penong’s Barbeque Seafoods & Grill

  1. Lyle

    In Davao, when one says Chichen Barbecue, it only means one thing and that is Penong’s!

    Other must have at Penong’s is their deep-fried isol. 😉

  2. elmer p. alias

    had been patronizing your establishment for quite sometime that i always bring “balikbayan” friends and relatives in your establishments..however i have a very sad and frustrating treatment from your cor. quirino-mabini st branch..customers are not treated/served equally..this happened 6:30pm oct 5, 2010.

    i ordered a bottle of beer and one of your menu for a total of P120…i observed that those who are in the aircon room are given priority. i can not do anything if that is your rules but what i can not understand is a family of four who arrived also at the non-aircon area very much late of me were served first of their order than that of mine.

    when i approach the cashier to pay my bill she told me my order was late because i transferred to another table..Susmariosep!!! when my bottle of beer was delivered i told the waiter i will transfer to another table..if this is indeed your policy why did they not inform me? or they could simply get again my order since i transfer to another order was even taken by your store floor manager i presume she is because when the order of the family of four was being made she was called by the waiter for some clarification of their order.

    on my way out, i said to the guard “pinobre man gud order ko mao ulahi” of which the guard also said “nakapansin bitaw ko” ..sir, i paid my bill but i did no longer take the menu ordered out of my frustration ..

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