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Written by Ria Jose


The Davao Bloggers’ Food Trip continued today with our sojourn at Pepper and Peppers. And it was a most pleasant experience. Everyone in attendance, me, Kuya Andrew, Winston, and Blogie, were eager to try out their famous Iberian Chicken. But we got much, much more than that.


Lunch started off with servings of their Ceasar Salad with Grilled Chicken (PhP 75), and Fresh Garden Salad with Italian Dressing (PhP 75). I got the Ceasar Salad and I wasn’t disappointed. The dressing was creamy and tangy, but not too overwhelming. The vegetables were crisp even when generously drenched with dressing, and there were copious amounts of croutons and grilled chicken pieces. The croutons were not toasted though. I also got to try out the Fresh Garden Salad, and it was a refreshing departure from my salad. The crunchy jicama slices (singkamas to Filipinos) were a nice touch.


While we were still finishing off our salads, the Chicken Croquettas (PhP 130) and the Spicy Portugese Pasta (PhP 100) were served. The croquettas were crisp on the outside but creamy on the inside. DELISH! But it was quickly replaced by the pasta as my favorite dish of the day. It had the right spiciness that complemented the saltiness of the overflowing sauce made of red herring and spices. Even after we had eaten everything, it was my favorite. And it’s quite a bargain at PhP 100!!!


We also tried out some of their main dishes. First off was the Mixed Seafoods (PhP 165). It was a medley of the freshest seafoods, squid, fish, clams, and shrimps, drenched in a very delicious sauce that is akin to curry in flavor but less spicy and more creamy. Then, there was the El Grande Meal (PhP 175) a trio of hungarian sausage, grilled chicken, rice topped with shredded beef with gravy and strips of egg. It was a hearty, heavy meal with each component bringing in a different flavor. The chicken was grilled well, juicy, not dry. The shredded beef with gravy was tasty, and the hungarian sausage added spice to the plate. Then, there was the Peppered Steak (PhP 200) which was served medium rare (I think). It was grilled perfectly with a nice flavor. Blogie was overwhelmed with the flavor of teh Rosemary, but I liked it. One of the best tasting steaks I’ve had in a while. The gravy complemented the steak well. In fact, the steak was flavorful enough without the gravy.


The star of the meal was the Iberian Chicken (PhP 375). Imagine an entire chicken carefully slow roasted with potatoes in olive oil and spices for two hours. The end product is a chicken so juicy, and tasty, you cannot help but have as many servings as you can. The olive oil, the garlic, and all the other spices blend so well. There are no ample words to describe it… you have got to try it for yourself.


Just when we thought we’ve already had our fill of deliciousness, the Pepper and Peppers staff brought out desserts. We got to try out Chocolate Cake (PhP 75) and the Fudge ala Mode (PhP90). It capped off our unforgettable taste of what Pepper and Peppers has to titillate our palates.


Pepper and Peppers is owned by Mike Sy, Karloz Alba, and John Obsines. It is located along Jacinto Extension, in Davao City. It is open Mondays to Saturdays, 11 am – 10 pm. For orders and inquiries, you may contact them at (082) 303-5955.

Photos by Ria.

This post was written by Ria Jose

7 thoughts on “Pepper and Peppers

  1. catet

    haven’t been to peppers and peppers but i heard from some friends, especially someone with the right to critique food (u guys know who i mean) that their standards were below par so i’m not really that eager to try it out

  2. Karloz Alba

    Hi Ria,

    thanks for the blog.. 🙂 just to let you know that starting on the 24th of February we will be operating 7 days a week already.. Yes, we are now open on Sundays for lunch and dinner. See you soon…!!!

  3. bunny sy

    Hi Ria,

    Just to update… Pepper and Peppers has a contact number.. (082)2211396.

    many thanks.

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