Picobello’s Pizzas

Written by Ria Jose


If it’s pizza you want, don’t even think about it… head on over to Picobello’s. And for good measure go there sometime between 2 pm and 5 pm. Why you ask? That’s the time of the day they have their special buy 1, take 1 pizza promo. That is why it’s our family’s favorite place for special occassions.


But we don’t just go there because of the promo. It’s because their pizzas are grrreat. Our favorites are the Quattro Formaggi (four cheese), and Quattro Stagioni pizzas. YUMMY! We also love their pastas, and their special lychee iced tea.


Picobello’s is located at the fifth floor of the Gaisano South Mall, at the corner of Ilustre and Governor Duterte Streets in Davao City.

This post was written by Ria Jose

7 thoughts on “Picobello’s Pizzas

  1. enan hinoay

    YES! I agree, their pizza’s taste good. But I am pretty sure that there are other place that have good pizza’s. Definitely I would say picobello pizza’s is second rate to Father Franco’s homemade pizza’s. Personally, I will not recommend picobello due to their bad service. I already heard about picobello, finally we visited their as my officemate recommended the place. Friend of her friend recommended it so she recommended it to us. BAD…BAD service. we visited the place this april 15, 2009. we ordered at 3:23 the first pizza served at 4:05 pm after more than 5 follow up. There reason was “Ganito talaga dito maam”. it’s not a good reason. it is a bad service…..

    Definitely, we will not go back there. I supposed recommend it to my friends visiting davao from Manila but because of this experience… definitely, i will not bring them to picobello…

  2. r s

    among others that i miss about davao is picobello, i havent tried their pizza , it is the well thought of set meals that comes in a very generous serving, the carpaccio and the tiramisu , i love the most..

  3. ian esquivel

    buy 1, take 1 pizza is not exactly buy 1, take 1. they split the toppings of 1 order of pizza. youll notice this especially if you order the ‘regular’ calzone and the buy 1, take 1.

    and we dont eat there during the ‘sa nagtitipid hour’. orders take too long.

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