Red Knight Gardens

Written by Ria Jose

Shepherd’s Pie

Dining al fresco is not very popular in Davao City. Al fresco dining is usually reserved for restaurants specializing in barbeque and other grilled foods. But tucked away from downtown Davao is a restaurant that offers not just great Western food, but also a great al fresco ambiance.


Red Knight Gardens is an apartelle complex with a restaurant by its poolside. The restaurant is small, but the food does not disappoint. I have tried both their Shepherd’s Pie and Beef Stew and they were great. Not good, but great. The meat were tender and the flavors were just right. The mashed potatoes on top of the pie was heavenly. The sauce of the beef stew was so tasty. And the vegetables on both dishes was cooked perfectly.

So if you’re looking for a gatronomic delight served al fresco, troop over to Guadalupe Village in Buhangin, Davao City and discover Red Knight Gardens.

This post was written by Ria Jose

7 thoughts on “Red Knight Gardens

  1. francis

    hmm, are you sure about the information you’re giving out? Guadalupe Village ain’t located in Buhangin, sweetie, it’s in Lanang, Km. 7 to be exact

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  3. sweet

    It is located at 8th Street, Guadalupe Village, Lanang Davao City. The main street of Guadalupe Village is just across Phoenix Gasoline Station (the one in corner Arroyo St. and JP Laurel)

  4. cherie

    but you also have to try the newest bbq hauz in town. which you can distinguish the difference from other bbq that you’ve tasted. the taste is unexplainable. try to drop by at mang manok along tionko avenue. not only bbq but they are famous in beef flaming sisig. this is no pork restaurant. they also have this sizzling pochero.

  5. TJ

    I stayed at the Red Knight Gardens about a year ago. The food is generally very good. I ate there many times and the only disappointment was the fried chicken. It tasted great but gave my wife and I very bad food poisoning.

    Other than that one incident, the food was very good. The rooms are hit and miss. One was horrible…hot, tons of ants and termites everywhere, bad smell. The one we stayed in later was wonderful.

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