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Last Saturday, Davao Bloggers were treated to a hearty treat as we visited Salutti as part of our Food Trip. This time there were new faces among the participants: couple Tere and Charles, Chikai, and Dulce. The Usual Suspects, Blogie, Ria, Winston, Kim, and Migs, and Food Tripper Tiara were also there to enjoy the goodness served by Salutti.


Our afternoon started with a duo of appetizers — Spinach Dip with Crostini, Chicken Fingers with Honey Mustard Dip — and Kani Salad with Japanese Dressing. My favorite among the three was the salad. The Kani were wrapped in wanton wrappers then deep-fried, set upon lettuce, cucumber, carrots, and other fresh vegetables drenched in a special Japanese dressing which had a very mild hint of Wasabi flavor. The Spinach dip was deliciously creamy and tasty while the chicken fingers were juicy and not oily served with the perfectly tangy and sweet honey mustard dip.


Then came the paninis: Asian Beef and a side salad with Balsamic Dressing, and Vegetarian panini and a side salad with Raspberry Dressing. I have tried the Asian Beef panini before and it was delicious. It had a sweet and spicy flavor, akin to Teriyaki flavor. The Vegetarian panini was also very flavorful, pieces of eggplant, tomatoes, and cucumber grilled to perfection and sandwiched in between pieces of ciabatta. YUMMY! The side salads were, needless to say, also very delicious.


A sampling of their pasta meals was up next. We were served the Tomato, Garlic and Basil, and the Creamy Alfredo with Shitake Mushrooms and Roasted Garlic. The Alfredo which I simply can’t get enough of was heavenly. The sauce was creamy, but not heavy or overwhelming. It went well with the generous amounts of tasty fresh Shitake mushrooms, and the pieces of roasted garlic. The Tomato, Garlic and Basil pasta had a simpler taste to it. There was a right combination of the three flavors. I order it when I just feel like eating simply, uncomplicated pasta.


As if we haven’t had enough deliciousness to last the day, we also sampled some of their savory dishes: Chicken in Mushroom Cream Sauce, Beef Salpicao, and Gambas. The star of that course was the Salpicao. The toasted garlic complimented the salty sauce that the perfectly cooked beef was cooked in. The beef was sooo tender and flavorful. The chicken was also cooked well, not dry, with a simple mushroom cream sauce that went well with the red bell peppers. It was served with asparagus, and mashed potatoes. The gambas was a nice shot of spiciness. The shrimps were fresh and plump. Somebody found it too salty, but I thought the saltiness was just fine to complement the spiciness.


To cap our perfect meal, Salutti gave us a serving of their Moist Chocolate Cake, one of the reasons me and my cousins keep on coming back. It was heavenly, as usual. But we were quite shocked to taste the Cheesecake. We thought the chocolate cake was unbeatable. We were proven wrong. A topping of strawberry jam was nested perfectly on a sweet, creamy, smooth filling that was settled on a crunchy crust. It was a medley of flavors and textures that is just so delightful.

Whew! It certainly was an afternoon of good GREAT food. Thanks to Vince and Tricie Arcenas!!!

Salutti is open Mondays to Saturdays, inside the Habana Compound along Rizal Street, Davao City.

Photos by Davao Foodie and Digital Puto.

This post was written by Ria Jose

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