Sugar Munch

Written by Ria Jose

Belgian Truffle (PhP 70)

While searching for a new place to have some desserts, the MDC Team stumbled upon Sugar Munch. I was also eager to try it out so I can include it in my directory of local cake makers for my Wedding Coordination business. We were not disappointed when we saw the giant ref full of mini and full-sized cakes.

White Chocolate Mousse (PhP 70)

We tried out the Belgian Truffle mini-cake, and the White Chocolate Mousse mini-cake. Both were heavenly. The Belgian Truffle had a rich chocolate cake layer, with a chocolate mousse layer on top, all wrapped by a rich chocolate icing. YUUUM! The White Chocolate Mousse was lighter. It’s base was also a chocolate cake layer, topped with a light white chocolate mousse. Again… YUMMY! It wasn’t as rich or sweet as the Belgian Truffle.


It would have been a perfect dessert experience, save for the saleslady who seemed more interested in her textmate than in serving us. It was kinda discouraging. But the yummy goodness of their cakes outweigh (a bit) the bad service we got.


Sugar Munch is located along Ruby Street in Marfori Heights, Davao City. They also have a branch along Quimpo Boulevard, Matina, Davao City. You may reach them at 0917-5487934.

Photos by Ria.

This post was written by Ria Jose

13 thoughts on “Sugar Munch

  1. andrew Post author

    The best part was when she simply poured water out of the faucet and didn’t bother to leave the counter to give us our glasses. I wanted to throw my cake at her.

  2. cindy

    Hi Ria & Andrew,

    I first would like to thank you for the compliment(s) on two (2) of our best selling products. Reviews such as this one inspire us to continue providing high quality cakes at relatively affordable prices. I also appreciate the feedback on the service. Although must admit that this aspect is not one of our strong points nor is it our expertise, I do recognize the need to continuously improve as the business grows.

    Guess I owe you guys one! Again, thanks!

  3. ethel

    My brother and I searched for this place but we just got lost! Anyway, would somebody give the exact location, landmarks and all that would help us locate Sugar munch? Thanks.

  4. Maria

    @Ethel, Just go to Mabini Street from Quimpo Blvd., then When you’re already in the Marfori Heights area… look for a new apartment building (yellow, I think) to your right. There aren’t any landmarks. 🙁

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