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Kadayawan 2017 Schedule, Map, and Highlights

Kadayawan 2017 Schedule and Map | My Davao City

Written by Ria Jose

We’re almost halfway through 2017 and just around the corner is the King of Festivals, Kadayawan 2017. Already, the City of Government of Davao has held the Launch of Kadayawan 2017.

Once again, Davao City celebrates Kadayawan with a theme relevant to DavaoeƱos and the current situation in Mindanao: “Stand Tall. United. Resilient.”

Kadayawan 2017 Logo

Kadayawan 2017 Logo

Kadayawan is a unique festival experience because it is the only major festival in the Philippines that is non-religious in nature. It is a thanksgiving celebration that highlights the harvest of Davao region. More importantly, Kadayawan puts the spotlight on Davao’s indigenous people.
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