Tatut’s Fastfood

Written by Ria Jose


Tatut’s Fastfood is simply adorable. The entire place has a warm country home feel to it complete with numerous decors, kitchen implements, toys, and other things that makes you feel like you are in a quaint little town where nothing could go wrong. At one point, I wanted to hug the walls. It was that cute. But then, I didn’t go there to be simply amused by the place.


Moving on… I’ve been there twice already and I’ve tried their beef stew rice meal, greaseless fried half spring chicken, and pancit malabon. And it didn’t disappoint. The only thing that could have elevated the beef stew from excellent to perfect would be a little bit more sauce. It wasn’t dry, but I do like my beef stew with more sauce. The beef was salty and sweet, kinda like Korean Beef Stew. The greaseless fried chicken was heavenly. It was not too greasy, the meat was tender, and juicy, not dry. Meanwhile, the pancit malabon is very. very tasty. One word for it: MASARAP!

Tatut’s serves many other home-cooked meals that make me want to go back for more. I’m looking forward to trying their silog meals, their other noodle specialties such as lomi and pancit canton. And of course, there’s their many other rice meals which are too tempting to resist such as sisig rice, and their spicy beef and chicken. YUM!

Tatut’s Fastfood is located along Duterte Avenue in the downtown area of Davao City.

This post was written by Ria Jose

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  1. ethel

    hey ria! just wanted to congratulate you on this site. it has helped me quite a bit in looking for places to bring some friends of mine from school who are going to be visiting.

    keep up the good work 😀

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