The Mindanao Culinary Festival 2008

Written by Ria Jose

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Last September 24 – 26, 2008 The Venue along Quirino Boulevard played host to the biggest culinary event in Davao City, the Mindanao Culinary Festival. With the theme “Indigenous Flavors, Global Tastes,” students and professionals from all over the island converged to showcase their best culinary works.

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Hundreds of students from over 20 schools from around Mindanao converged to compete and learn from the masters. During the three days of the festival, fourteen certificate courses and seminars were conducted. Alongside these, learning modules, students, trainors, and culinary professionals competed for the coveted prized and bragging rights.

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This year’s MCF was spearheaded by the Davao Tourism Association (DATA) under the leadership of Mary Ann Montemayor who served as the event’s managing director. DATA together with local establishments had been successfully staging MCF for 8 eight years now, in a bid to attract tourists and investors with the rich and interesting culinary delights of the region.

Photos taken using an N82.

This post was written by Ria Jose

5 thoughts on “The Mindanao Culinary Festival 2008

  1. izzy

    this one surely starved my big appetite… hehe i’m a frustrated culinary enthusiast nay aspiring chef… i missed that event… how did you know that event? how do i get to know of events of same sort? tnx

  2. Khristine Kho Jala

    please,send me any info regarding Culinary Trainings/seminars. Thank you very much.

  3. Charlotte May Camposano

    I am a student from the University of Southern Mindanao,can i ask for informations about the 2009 mindanao culinary festival? and can i ask for the name and contact number of the event coordinator because as a partial fulfillment of our subject Events, Banquet and catering management, we are required to conduct an interview and to gather information about the said event.. i am hoping for your reply..thank you and more power…

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