The Philippine Eagle Center

Written by Ria Jose


Davao City is known by many people as the home to Mount Apo, Waling-waling and the Philippine Eagle, the country’s national bird. The third is one that symbolizes the plight of the endemic animals of the Philippines. Despite its beauty and ecological value as a bird of prey, it is endangered like many other animals endemic to the Philippines. One the forefront of the protection and conservation of this majestic animal is the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF). PEF is a private, non-stock, non-profit organization aimed at ensuring that the Philippine Eagle continues to survive and thrive in its natural habitat. They have a comprehensive program that has scientific, cultural and educational components.


The Philippine Eagle Center (PEC) is a park located some 45 minutes away from the heart of Davao City. The PEC is home to many Philippine Eagles saved from poachers, and many younger ones bred in captivity. The most popular of which is Pag-asa, the first Philippine Eagle successfully bred in captivity. Many other animals also call the PEC their home. Unlike other zoological parks, the animals are in large cages that mimic their natural habitats. This is done to increase the animal’s survival when they are eventually re-introduced to the wild.


The PEC is located in Malagos, Baguio District in Davao City. To know more about the foundation and the park, you may contact them at +6382-2243021, or through info[@]

Photography by Andrew dela Serna.

This post was written by Ria Jose

10 thoughts on “The Philippine Eagle Center

  1. Blogie

    Ri, did you know that Philippine Eagles are fiercely monogamous? If their partner dies, they will never breed again. Romantic, isn’t it? But that also poses a problem: with the dwindling population, what will become of our prized eagles in the near future…?

  2. Maria

    yup, that’s also the reason why they have a hard time breeding even in captivity. That’s why we should all be supportive of PEF.

  3. Hari

    Hi Maria,
    Your blog is informational and helpful but I need more 🙂
    I plan to go to davao early May for a short training at pearl farm resort and thinking to stay another night at davao city before return to Jakarta.
    This is my 1st visit to Davao yet to philippine.
    Any recommended hotel at Davao City for backpack traveller like me? 🙂 and recomended places to be learned? thank you!

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  5. joyce lim

    greetings of peace!
    im from gensan, a 14 yr.old student. i just wanted to know if where is the exact location of Philippine eagle in Davao? kindly reply as soon as possible and please attach the number of the person in charge,for my further more questions thanx!

  6. pablow escobar

    MOUNT APO is in NOT part of Davao City. Therefore, don’t say the city is a home to Mt. Apo. Even the highest point of Mt. Apo belongs to Kidapawan City, not in Davao del Sur side.

    Check your facts!

  7. Filipino Food Guide

    I been longing to going there. But some of my friends told me its better to go there if you have your own transportation.

    And that is a big problem, wla akong sasakyan hehehehe. Im planning to ask some of my friends and office-mate to go there together so we can maybe rent a vehicle so it will be cheaper.

    Thanks for the post, God bless.

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