Tong Yang

Written by Ria Jose


Looking for a new dining experience? Why not try out the Felcris Group’s new import… the Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu Restaurant. For those who are not familiar with shabu-shabu, it is a dining style in which the diner cooks his own food. It is popular in oriental countries such as Japan and Korea. But you don’t have to go far to experience this unique concept.

Tong Yang offers a wide variety of vegetables, meats, seafoods, and other shabu-shabu items which you can cook in chicken broth, vegetable broth or sinigang broth. You can also choose from their meat and seafoods selection and grill it. Tong Yang also offers a variety of sauces that can go with your shabu-shabu soup or your barbeque. Try out their fine, great-tasting US Angus beef. Their seafood selection is also a must-try.

Tong Yang is a great place to dine in with your family, friends or special someone.


Tong Yang is located at the Chimes Mall, along Sales Street, at the heart of Davao City.

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This post was written by Ria Jose

9 thoughts on “Tong Yang

  1. Nick Nichols

    I was at Chimes last night having a cappuccino outside at Figaro, while my wife shopped, and looked in. The place looks very nice – and they were quite busy so I guess the food is indeed good. I didn’t check the prices but I want to try it. Next time.

    Figaro’s is nice too. I forgot to ask if they have wifi. 🙂

  2. kim

    Hi Ma,

    I think I saw this building while riding a cab but never got to visit it. I spent most of my time at home during the holidays. I did stop by MTS one time but never saw a familiar face. I’m missing everyone!

  3. Blogie

    tong yang was a wonderful experience when i went there for the first time. definitely a recommendable place for special occasions or for times when you feel like treating yourself to good food.

  4. MykZs

    you’ll see me there nxt wik. hehe… i’l bring a friend. I think i’m gonna love it. yum..yumm…yumm…

  5. bimmer

    Tong Yang (Felcris) is simply disappointing as they do not have a buffet table like in Manila’s many Tong Yang branches. You have to repeatedly call the waiter/waitress for additional order which is simply a hassle.

    not worth it. extremely tedious experience.

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