Twosome Palace

Written by Ria Jose


Along with the influx of Korean nationals in the city, came the influx of Korean establishments. Among the many Korean restaurants in town, one truly stands out, Twosome Palace.


Twosome Palace offers a wide variety of Korean dishes that are not only authentic, but more importantly, delicious. Their servings are large enough to be shared among three people (or two very hungry people). Even Koreans in the city swear that it is the best place in Davao City to eat Korean food.

If it’s Korean food you want, try out Twosome Palace, located in the Victoria Plaza compound.


This post was written by Ria Jose

2 thoughts on “Twosome Palace

  1. Blogie

    hey ri! pareho pala tayo mahilig sa maanghang ha? i also did a good review for twosome palace. 🙂

    kaw ha, you misspelled my name (link mo to — Blogie’s only one “g” 🙂

  2. janus3185

    masubukan nga dito! wahehehehe! hey, thank you for this one! pwede ex links tau? para daghan ko makaila na taga-davao??? tag me ha if you want to exchange links… thanks! 🙂

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