Zakoya Japanese Restaurant

Written by Ria Jose


Last night, several bloggers were treated to Japanese buffet as part of the Davao Bloggers’ Food Trip. In attendance were Ria, Andrew, Blogie, Winston, Eric, Christian, Dom, Dennis, and Ria Lu.


I’ve been to Zakoya many times before. Some of my relatives and I frequent the place because of the cheap but quality japanese buffet they serve everyday for lunch and dinner. It costs only PhP 375 (++) for a chance to enjoy a variety of Japanese appetizers, main dishes, plus fruits and ice cream for dessert.

Last night, I had my fill of California Maki, another maki with coleslaw topping, Grilled Salmon, Tuna Sashimi, Shrimp Tempura, Kamameshi, Chicken Teriyaki, and Ice Cream. I specifically had multiple servings of the California Maki, salmon, and the chicken. I temporarily forgot about my diet.

Zakoya Japanese Restaurant is located at Door #3 DavCon Autoville, along Torres St., Davao City.

This post was written by Ria Jose

7 thoughts on “Zakoya Japanese Restaurant

  1. benj

    It sure looks ten times better than Saisaki. You Davao people are so lucky! 😛 If the stars line up, I’ll be in Davao October next year *crosses fingers*

  2. MIKE

    i found ure place and dish authentic.. i am interested to work with ur restaurant, im an assistant cook from hamada japanese restaurant of baguio country club, inc. im a davaueno who wishes to work again in my hometown, i hope there will be a vacancy for me. more poer and i’d be glad to hear a response. thanks!

    michael garcia

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  4. xxxxxxxxx

    wala na d n masarap jan ngyon try nyo para na syang turoturo iba na management nyan d na ung hapon na c bucho…….

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