A Hearty Beef Stew Dinner at the Red Knight Gardens

Written by Ria Jose

Red Knight Gardens’ Beef Stew

The My Davao City team is a big fan of beef stew in its different kinds and forms. So when we went to have a nice, quiet dinner at the Red Knight Gardens, we decided to give their beef stew a try. And we were delighted. (That’s an understatement, I think.) It had generous chunks of beef and carrots, bits of celery, and some bread that made the stew unique… all in a delicious bowl of yummy goodness. It was delicious, and eating it made me feel as if I was home.

Red Knight Gardens at Night

What made the meal even better was the nice, quiet ambiance. It was definitely a very memorable al fresco dining experience.

Red Knight Gardens is located at Guadalupe Village in Km. 7 Lanang, Davao City.

This post was written by Ria Jose

5 thoughts on “A Hearty Beef Stew Dinner at the Red Knight Gardens

  1. dane

    is the place expensive?? how much approximately will be spent? can the place be rented for it to be exclusive?

  2. Maria

    @Dane, I think the beef stew costs about PhP300. I’m not sure if the entire place can be rented to be exclusive.

  3. suddenserenity

    its a small but nice and quite place. food are little expensive compared to other places downtown. its nice to dine there, talk, and spend idle time. been there with my gf.

    @dane, this place is actually appartelles with small pool area. you may call them anyway.

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