Davao Cyber Expo 2007: Cyber Games Championship Day 2

Written by Ria Jose

While Day 1 of the Davao Cyber Games DoTA Championship was virtually problem-free, Day 2 was marred with technical difficulties and delays.

At the beginning of the day, only the eliminations between Team Blinque-Tech and DC Clan were played immediately. After a while, Team DDS was also able to play but lost against Team 50ph. Teams Ria Jose, STQ1 and STQ3 experienced network and unit problems that caused much delay. By late afternoon, the marshalls, lead by Adi Santos, had to modify the rules in order to accommodate the teams that haven’t played. Instead of a set, Team Ria Jose and Team NoMets played one game in the all pick, duplicate hero (apdu) mode to decide who will proceed to the quarterfinals. Similarly, STQ1 played one game in apdu mode against affiliate team STQ3. Heavily favored NoMets easily won over Team Ria Jose, while the more veteran STQ1 defeated STQ3.

At the end of the day, while the other teams had finished playing, Team Blinque-Tech and DC Clan remained in battle. Their matches was marred by countless technical difficulties that caused their games to be dropped repeatedly. DC Clan won the first game but Team Blinque-Tech won the second game which forced the two teams to play a third game in the apdu mode. To avoid restarting the game over and over, the teams saved every so often, which eventually led to countless fatal errors in reloading the game. At the end, the third game remained unfinished. The marshalls, and the players, agreed on using a points system to determine the winner. After almost 10 hours of playing time, DC Clan emerged victorious over Team Blinque-Tech by a margin of 32 points.

The Davao Cyber Expo was organized by E2 Events, held at the NCCC Mall in Davao City from July 4-6, 2007.

This post was written by Ria Jose

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